24- 11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Kind of a segue show that develops the final hours of this griping final season. Couple of major things happen. The rogue security team is waterboarding Dana Walsh to try and get her to talk and give them the information they need on the Russians. Then  they plan on killing her. Jack and Cole are in pursuit and find the building where the rogue group is operating. Jack and Cole take out the lookout guy on the roof and go down the stairs to the basement. Jack has the walkie talkie of the security agent he knocked out and he tells the guy in the control center that there is sniper fire on the roof. The control center guy tells all of the security guys to run up the stairs to run up to the roof. Jack and Cole burst int0 the control center room and Jack puts a gun to the head of the guy in control. Jack tells him he'll die unless he tells Jack where Dana is. The guy knows Jack will kill him so he says first door on the left. Jack says thank you and knocks the guy out.

Jack and Cole burst into the room and the rogue guy immediately puts a gun to Dana's head. Jack tells him to put the weapon down. The guy doesn't and is ready to shoot Dana, but Jack puts a bullet in the guy's head. Cole is kind of in shock but goes along with it. Cole and Jack  untie Dana and get away from the other security guys killing some and throwing a tear gas bomb that knocks out the others.

Meanwhile, Charles Logan is watching President Taylor talk on television about the peace agreement. He knew that security team was going to kill Walsh and he tells them he doesn't know anything about it. He finds out Bauer has gotten Walsh out. He gets Taylor out of her meeting and tells her he wants his assistant to run CTU so they can apprehend Bauer. Taylor goes along with it reluctantly. His assistant is a former military guy and he and Logan want Jack and Walsh killed. The assistant takes over CTU from a combatant Chloe, who can do nothing about it, and starts a full assault on Jack. He says do anything to apprehend Jack and use force and kill him. He wants Jack dead.

Jack puts Walsh up at gunpoint and says he will count to three before he kills her unless she gives him the information on the Russians. It looks like Jack is about to pull the trigger when Walsh tells him there is a computer piece in a bank vault with the information. Jack, Cole and Walsh go to the bank. Jack waits in the hall of the bank while the bank officer takes Cole and Walsh into the room while he gets the safety deposit box. Walsh is telling Cole she loves him and wants them to be together. Cole is not buying into it though it is getting to him. The bank officer brings in the box and leaves. Walsh is getting ready to open it when Cole grabs it and opens it. There is a gun in the box. The camera pans to Walsh and she covers her head as a small incendiary device goes off and knocks Cole out. It doesn't kill him. There is a gun in the box and Walsh grabs it. The bank officer comes running in and Walsh kills him.

Walsh calls 911 and says there is a man in the hall of the bank who has a gun. She fakes acting panicked and tells the 911 operator where they are. Two NYPD officers arrive and point their guns at Jack. Jack's back is turned to them and he has to drop his gun and hold up his arms. Jack sees Walsh leaving the bank and he knows what's up. He grabs one of the officers from the back, grabs the gun and puts the gun to the cops' head  and tells the other cop to drop the weapon. The officer hesitates, but then slides the gun over to Jack. Jack says he's sorry and then knocks out the officer he has under his grip and shoots the other officer in the foot. Then he races out of the building. He calls 911 and says there are officers down. Jack didn't want to do it, he had to. He can't let Walsh–who has the computer device–get away. He looks for Walsh and sees her running down the street. He starts chasing her full bore.

Walsh shoots a couple of people to divert Jack, but Jack keeps coming after her. She runs into an abandoned building. Jack is behind her. They get in a shootout, Walsh is firing away at Jack and Jack is firing back. She goes up to the top floor and is facing the stairs, gun pointed, ready to kill Jack. Jack throws his coat out and she fires a couple of shots. She runs out of bullets. She throws the gun away and runs to the end of the abandoned office. Jack is right behind her. He points his gun at her and tells her to stop and turn around. He approaches her. He tells her to slide the computer piece over to him. He picks  it up.

"What can I do for you, Jack," Walsh says. Jack responds, "Nothing." She looks in his eyes and she sees the look of somebody who is going to kill her. You can see the  intense horror in her eyes. Jack fires and hits her in the chest. She goes down. As she is on the ground, barely alive, Jack fires another shot. Walsh is dead, eyes open, facing the camera. The show fades to 12 p.m. in black.

Next week (12-1 p.m.) should be powerful as Jack pursues the Russians and whoever else is involved with murdering  the king, attempting to blow up a part of Manhattan and murdering Renee.  Logan's aid is trying to have Jack killed  and will stop at nothing to get that accomplished.