Last night's conflict-Still got to watch some ball

Didn't get to watch the shows totally last night, 24 and the playoffs, due to my daughter's softball playoff game. I love coaching, but luckily it's over so I can concentrate on Monday Nights for the blog. 24 review will be up tonight after I watch tivoed version. Stay tuned. Will have it up as soon as possible. Watched the last couple of minutes of Celts-Cavs, a Celitcs 104-96 victory. Celtics were awesome. Rajon Rondo only scored 13, but dished out 19 assists, that's right, 19; something else. Garnett had 18 and 10 boards, Ray had 22, 'Sheed Wallace had 17 on seven-of -eight shooting from field and 3-of-4 trifectas. Pierce added 14. Everybody stepped up as the Celts gained back control of the series. Had a 25 point lead at one time, but Cavs closed it to 10 until Celts pulled away at the end.

What stood out to me, of course, was Rondo's play. The guy is such a stud. 'Sheed was awesome. He was starting to hear it in the press about not producing, Doc Rivers even was saying before the game his player needed to step it up. He did.

'Bron had 24. o-for 4 from trifecta. Celtics shoot 51% from field, 9-of-19 from trifecta and 15-of-18 from line.

Tough night for Cavs. If they can get one of two at Boston, they're back in it. If they lose both, they're probably done. The pressure will be building on 'Bron.

Haven't watched the Suns-Spurs but getting ready to. Suns won,111-102. Steve Nash, Jason Richardson and Amar'e with huge nights. Nash with 33 and 10 assists. Richardson with 27, Amar'e with 23 and 13 boards. You talk about the Spurs Big Three of Manu, Duncan and Parker and the Celtics Big Three of Pierce, KG and Ray, but the Suns have their own version. These three guys are awesome. I like the Suns a lot and think they can make it to the finals, particularly if these guys play the way they played last night and they can play defense better than they have in the past, which they've been doing this year.  Manu had 27, Parker 26 and Duncan 20 and 11 boards. Still not enough. I like this Suns team.

Atlanta at Orlando game one  tonight at seven. Utah at LA game 2 at 9:30. Both games on TNT.

San Antonio at Phoenix game 2  at 8 p.m. Wed. on TNT.

Cavs at Celtics game three Friday at 6 p.m. on ESPN. That's a long wait for the third game. Should be sooner than that. I know Celtics wish they could get out there sooner the way they're playing. I guess TV dictates all this, but these guys should play sooner.

Phoenix box score: