Winner this week at Memorial Tournament; Stanley Cup Finals prediction

I like this 31 year old, who was born in Seoul, South Korea, but now resides in Las Vegas to get the job done this week at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio, Jack Nicklaus's tournament.  He was in a playoff here last year, and lost out to Hideki Matsuyama on the first playoff hole, the 18th. He's been close so many times, so I like this young guy, who's not long, but very accurate with his driver and irons, and is an excellent putter, to get over the hump and capture Jack's 2015 Memorial Tournament. The 16th hole is the hardest hole on the course, a par 3 playing anywhere from 200 to 210 over water with bunkers guarding the green. It can be a difficult par. No.18 is a classic, 470 yard par four with bunkers all over the right side which threaten a player's tee shot and water on the left if a player pulls a Weird Al Yankovic and hurls  it over there. Big green, plenty of dramatics on this hole. Tiger has won here five times, the last time coming in 2013, but I don't know what to expect from him and I don't like him to win. Weather looks good on Thursday and Saturday, Friday and Sunday a little questionable at this point, with wind around 10-13 all four days. Golf Channel will have coverage Thursday and Friday from 1:30- 5:30 PM CT/2:30-6:30 PM ET. Golf Channel will also have coverage Saturday and Sundey from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM CT/ 12:30-2:30 PM ET.  CBS will take over Saturday and Sunday from 1:30- 5PM CT/2:30-6 PM ET.

I like guys like Patrick Reed, defending champion Hedeki Matsuyama, Russell Henley and, of course, Jordan Spieth (broken record, but he's always a factor), to be in the hunt, but I'm going with this young guy to finally get over the hump and capture an important victory on the PGA Tour. He's a little bit annoying to watch play, but he plays all the time, which I like. I see him winning Jack's tournament, a tournament that means a lot to the players because it's Jack's course and his tournament.

Kevin Na

Kevin Na


Stanley Cup Finals

Everybody is picking the Chicago Blackhawks to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in this series, but the Lightning are for real. They beat the New York Rangers in Madison Square Gaaden in game seven of the conference championship series, where the Rangers had come in 7-0 in game sevens on their home ice. They also beat the vaunted Detroit Red Wings in game seven in an earlier round. But the Blackhawks are studs, and if they win this Stanley Cup it will be their third since 2010. They have won it twice in the past five years   in 2010 and in 2013 and their tradition is out the roof good.  I like stud scorers and former Conn Smythe Trophy winners (MVP's of the league) Jonathan Toews (2010)  and Patrick Kane (2013) to lead the Blackhawks to another Stanley Cup title. Should be a fun series though. Game 1 is tonight at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET on NBC.

Blackhawks in 6

Jonathan Toews (above) and Patrick Kane lead the Hawks to their third Stanley Cup in six years


Patrick Kane


Chrome, Kaepernick

Belmont Stakes:

California Chrome won't get it done and win the Triple Crown. It hasn't been done since 1978 when Affirmed did it, and the second, third, fourth and fifth place finishers in the Kentucky Derby did not run in the Preakness. Twelve horses since Affirmed have won the first two legs of the Triple Crown only to come up short at the Belmont. The horse is good, he's won six times, but he's not going to be good enough on Saturday. He makes number 13 that doesn't get it done. It's too hard and I don't think this horse is anything spectacular in the vein of Secretariat (1973) , Seattle Slew (1977)  and Affirmed. Those horses were all time good, especially the amazing Secretariat, and I don't see this horse on that level. The race is also a mile and a half,  longer than the Derby, which is a mile and a quarter, and the Preakness, which  is a mile and  1/16, even  shorter than the Derby. That doesn't sound like a lot, and I'm not an expert in horse racing, but for some reason the extra distance and the pressure on the jockey seems to make a difference at the Belmont. At least history tells us that. Ride on Curlin could be a horse to watch in this race. I say Chrome doesn't get it done.

Final thought on Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick signed a huge six year contract through 2020 for $126 million that pays him $61 million guaranteed money and $21 million a year on average. That guarantee is higher than any player in NFL history. There are some stipulations to it regarding injuries, that don't guarantee the money if he doesn't meet certain requirements as far as playing goes, but if  he does, he has a chance to make a ton of money. Are you kiddin me? How about winning a Super Bowl before you get that kind of deal. Kaepernick lost the NFC title game to the Seahawks with an ill advised interception in the end zone at the end of the game when he could have thrown an underneath ball and given his team at least a couple of more chances to win the game at the end. Don't think he's a very good decision maker. That's a high risk for the 49ers. They really believe in him. Don't agree with that decision. S got a big extension with the Tide with a lot of money and excellent bonus opportunities, but he's won four national championships, he brings in an amazing amount of revenue to the University and attracts exceptional students from all over the country to the University. Joe Flacco got his huge deal last year with a lot guaranteed, but that was after he won a Super Bowl. Kaepernick's guaranteed money (with the stipulations) is a  little more than Drew Brees's and a lot more than Peyton's and Brady's. Actually all of them ain't hurting. Something is not right about this Kaepernick deal though. Well, the pressure will be on Kaepernick to win a Super Bowl  next year with all that money on the table. He's going to be expected to win more than one. Maybe a LeBron and not one, not two, not three, not four if he keeps his talents in South Beach, which is questionable even after this season. Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers organization are putting a lot of faith in Kaepernick. His job and Harbaugh's will be on the line if he doesn't produce in the next couple of years and bring home a Lombardi Trophy or two or three to the left coast.

Thoughts on the Paterno/Sandusky tragedy and what it means

I'm a sports writer. Obviously, I love sports and I love SEC football. But a friend of mine emailed me this morning and wanted me to write about the situation at Penn State, what it means in the more important realm of education versus football. Here are my thoughts. College football can be deemed to be too important for some more serious-minded people. The Paterno/Sandusky debacle was an example of a football coach, Joe Paterno,  who had way too much control of a university, and, as it turns out, was amoral; he was consumed  with winning football games and it looks like nothing else mattered to him. In 1998, when Paterno first heard about Sandusky showering with a boy and, according to an assistant, molesting the kid, he did nothing. It was proven in court that Sandusky did commit that heinous crime and many more, Paterno responded by first not doing anything about it and then talking to the AD about keeping it under wraps. That's not only amoral, it's illegal.

Paterno was not winning as much at the time and this seemed to get in his way. Pretty heinous there. He had so much power at Penn State that whatever he said went. The president and the AD were puppets for Paterno. Rick Reilly of ESPN wrote that he went to Happy Valley in 1998 to write what was going to be a glowing article on Paterno, whom he thought was a saint at the time. A professor called Reilly and said Reilly didn't know the real Paterno. The professor told Reilly he would let nothing get in the way of winning. Not a thing. He was not a moral person according  to the professor. He basically said to Reilly that Paterno was a bad guy. Reilly blew it off at the time  thinking it was just  sour grapes from a professor who was highly envious of Paterno's success. But the professor was right as it turns out. They are a lot of the time. They're smart people and a lot of them are quality, highly ethical people.

Paterno did not have ethics or a moral compass as it turned out and let this sociopath go on and destroy many young boys' lives. The Paterno legacy is destroyed. There is nothing good to say about him. Former Penn State players and people in Pennsylvania may defend him but there is no defense for this despicable act, by Paterno and that animal Sandusky. Paterno was culpable in letting this pig destroy lives. Sandusky should get life in prison. I'm from the old school. I would just hang him. I know that doesn't work today in this all too forgiving, give'em a third, fourth or fifth chance society, but that might be a little better deterrent than just giving the guy life. Well, he may be killed in jail anyway. He's going to suffer, especially when Judgment Day arrives. He's not going upstairs. He's going to be in a bad place for eternity. That's for sure. He deserves every bit of retribution that he will get.

This speaks to the importance of college football and education. I love college football; I really do. But these blasphemous incidents make you take a step back and say "Wait a minute, this is out of control. College sports needs to be put on the back burner a little bit. This is way more important than sports."

It's a very serious matter. There are some incredibly talented and hard working teachers and professors out there who work their backsides off to educate kids and help them become the best people they can be. They deserve a lot of recognition and they deserve to be compensated better.  I was up at Washington and Lee with my daughter in June and we talked to the kindest, most helpful professor. He was incredible. We asked him where the bookstore was and he couldn't have been more helpful telling us to look at the student lounges and see what we thought. Seemed to love what he does and loved the school. There are a lot of dedicated teachers out there who deserve a lot more credit than coaches who are just about winning. Their value should be more recognized. We always need to start keeping college sports in more of a perspective. It's a great release. It is for millions and million of people. But perspective is something that we always need to have when balancing the importance of athletics/football  to that of life. Athletics are important, but life is much more important. The well being of people is so much more important than wins and losses on the football field. We need to keep that in mind. The Penn State tragedy brought that to the forefront. Human beings come first. Football is entertainment. It's not nearly as important. It just isn't. Joe Paterno had too much power. He abused it and ruined kids' lives. He will be remembered for that and nothing else that he accomplished on the football field. Time will not heal the feelings for Paterno. He ruined people's lives and he deserves every bit of castigation as he is getting and he will get. He turned out to be an amoral guy, who let this pathetically abhorrent behavior by one of his former assistants goes on. There is no defense for him. He was an animal. He will be remembered forever in infamy.

Sometimes we need to tone it down with our obsession with football. It's just not as important as family, belief in God, education and work. It should never be close to that level. It's a game. I'll keep reporting on it because I hope you enjoy the columns I write and I know I love writing about it. It's what I do. But it's not life. Never will be. We need to keep the importance of the game in perspective. It's just a game. It's fun, a lot of fun. But it's entertainment. School teachers, professors, doctors, nurses and ministers are a lot more important to people in the grand scheme of life. Those professions should be where our heroes are. It's a lot of fun to watch a guy run 85 yards for a touchdown, but how important is that compared to a doctor saving a man or woman's life, or delivering a baby, or a teacher spending time after school tutoring a struggling student who wants to excel, and needs all the tutoring and emotional support he or she can get? That's life. That's real.

Football is entertainment. Living a good, decent life is a lot more important. The Joe Paterno/ Jerry Sandusky tragedy should remind us of that. Their peons and should be treated as such. They destroyed lives and there is nothing worse than that. They deserve all the infamy that they will get.

Thoughts on Regions Tradition, NBA finals, Auburn tragedy

What a tourney. Tom Lehman was so solid throughout the four rounds shooting 69,69, 68, 68–good for -14– to capture his second Regions Tradition title in a row, the second major on the Champions Tour. What an event Shoal Creek put on. That was a lot of hard work and terrific effort by head pro Eric Williamson and his staff. They deserve a lot of credit for their diligent and successful efforts. Didn't see any announced attendance figures, but Gene Hallman, who headed up the promotion of the event, said the crowds were even better than last year. Sunday looked well attended despite the rain. There are a lot of big time golf fans in the area, and the event couldn't have been held at a finer golf club. Shoal Creek reminds me a lot of Augusta: it's beautiful, the greens are large, it's penalizing if you're not accurate, and there is plenty of sand. Lehman played some beautiful golf, and while Bernhard Langer  (66 on Sunday, finished at -12, two shots back of Lehman) and Chen Soon Lu (66 on Sunday, -12 for tourney)  put a little heat on Lehman on Sunday, he never wavered. He's the best ball striker on the tour, so when he's putting well he is difficult to beat. Shoal has the tournament next year and the Champions Tour is in negotiations with Shoal right now for the rights to host the tournament beyond 2013. Shoal Creek deserves it. They do a phenomenal job with this event and it's a golfers' mecca. Hope Shoal can secure the tournament for three more years and beyond. Those Champions Tour players can also flat out play. They're not hitting it 300+ like a lot of the younger PGA guys are, but they're getting it out there 275 to 290, and they are very accurate. With guys like Lehman, Langer, Jay Haas, John Cook and Kenny Perry (who's the longest hitter on the tour at 296), the tour has really improved in the past five years. It's going to get even better when guys like David Toms, Vijzy Singh and Davis Love come out in the next couple of years. The future is very bright for the Champions Tour and Shoal Creek deserves to be a part of it. One of these days, Shoal Creek may land a regular tour event, but until that time this is a pretty good option. It's only going to get better. Proud of Shoal Creek and the patrons of the tournament for supporting it so well. It was a first-class event and the players loved it. A lot of them say it's their favorite stop on the tour. Lehman is now second on the Charles Schwab Cup rankings to Langer. The winner of the Schwab Cup gets a $1 million dollar payment. Pretty nice. Lehman said at the end of the tournament, as he was heading out for his 25th wedding anniversary, "See you in Cabo." Must be nice. Pro golfers work pretty hard, but they're about the only professional athletes who can go to Cabo San Lucas during their season. It's a grind, but a pretty nice way to make a living. NBA finals start tonight in Oklahoma City at 9 ET/8 CT on ABC. Should be a tremendous series. Kevin Durant (averaging 27.8 ppg, 7.9 rbg and 4.2 assists in 15 playoff games) and LeBron James (30.8, 9.6 rbg, 5 assists in 18 games) are both on a mission. Durant wants to prove he's ready to be a champion at the age of 23. LeBron wants to get it done at age 27 after so many years of near misses and frustration. They're both elite and good enough to be champions. OKC has some very fine complimentary players in Russell Westbrook (21.7 ppg, 5.1 rbg and 5.6 apg in playoffs), James Harden (17.6 ppg, 5.2 rbg) and Serge Ibaka (10.7 ppg, 5.9 rbg), all of whom are championship caliber players. Harden is the best sixth man in the game and just keeps hitting clutch shot after clutch shot. But 'Bron has a nice supporting cast too in Dwayne Wade (22.9, 5 rbg and 4.1 apg), Chris Bosh (13.7 6.9 rbg), Mario Chalmers (11.6 ppg) and Shane Battier, a lockdown defender and clutch three-point shooter. Ibaka's stellar. He was 12-for-12 in game five of the conference finals against San Antonio. Nice rebounder, too. There is some real talent on OKC. But with Bosh now healthy for the Heat and playing some excellent basketball–he was outstanding in the Heat's game seven victory over the Celtics–the Heat are just too veteran-laden and talented for a very fine, but very young OKC team. Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka are all under 24-years old, and while experience can be overrated at times, experience with equal or even better talent can get you over the top of a talented younger opponent. OKC has been in a lot of wars, these guys do have playoff experience, but they don't have finals experience. While they're good enough to make this series very interesting, just like LeBron Raymone James to capture what has been an elusive Larry O'Brien Trophy, with assistance from DWade, Bosh, Chalmers and Battier. LeBron just looks unstoppable right now. You can't stop him when he's got a head full of steam going to the basket. Nobody can in basketball. And he's shooting the ball well from the outside, which in the past had been his Achilles Heel. But not in these playoffs. Last year he was dominant in the playoffs up until the finals, but was schooled by a veteran Dallas team led by Dirk Nowitski and Jason Kidd. But this year, the Heat is not lackadaisical. They're focused, driven and on a mission. And they've got that finals' experience from last year. That will help a lot.  Heat gets it done in six. Should be fun.

It's hard to put into words how incredibly shocking that news was from Auburn. Just a tremendous tragedy as Ladarious Phillips, Ed Christian, both former Auburn players who were still at the University though Phillips was transferring to Jax State, and Demario Pitts were killed in a shooting early Sunday morning. From what I've read, the kids didn't do anything wrong. The two former players were trying to break up a fight between the shooter, Desmonte Leonard, another guy with him, and a couple of other guys, including Pitts, over a girl. Just tragic. Feel for the boys' families. Hopefully the law enforcement officers in Montgomery can apprehend Leonard and bring him to justice. They're having some trouble finding him at this point, but are working around the clock and they believe he's in Montgomery. Christian, an offensive lineman, had to leave the team due to a debilitating back injury. He was known as a kind, gentle guy, whose dad was a cop. It appears he was  just trying to make peace in the altercation. Phillips wanted more playing time than Gene Chizik was going to give him, so he was supposed to be up in Jacksonville working out with the team. Jax State Coach Jack Crowe wasn't sure how much Phillips wanted to play football because he wasn't up in Jacksonville this summer yet, though his coach in high school, Mike Battles at Handley, said he had NFL talent. The other kid, Pitts, was involved in the original altercation. I've heard that most of the Auburn team was at the party. Luckily for them, they left earlier. Just an excruciating tragedy for the players' families and the Auburn family. Tough to see three young men with their lives and potential ahead of them lose their lives at such a young age. Time will heal ultimately for some– not the boys' families– but it will take some time to get over this shocking event.

Will have a U.S. Open preview and picks tomorrow. Golfers play at Olympic Club in San Francisco for the year's second major, the 112th playing of the United States Open. Olympic not that long for U.S. Open venues at 6,822, but a very difficult, challenging course that requires extremely accurate ball striking. It's a very tight course where there is little margin for error. It may not be as long as venues like Pinehurst No.2 or  Shinnecock Hills, but it's just as difficult due to the narrow fairways and difficult though outstanding greens. The weather can be a factor, too, with a lot of wind coming off the coast. Lee Janzen won the last Open played there in 1998 shooting only even par for the tournament. Should be a real test of mettle for these young guns. Tiger Woods looks like he can win it right now, but there is a lot of depth. To me, he's one of the three elite guys in the field along with Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson. Bubba hasn't played much since his Masters win, so he might be rusty. Tiger was phenomenal in the Memorial two weeks ago showing that magic from the glory years in which he won 14 Majors. But that was his fifth time to win at the Memorial and his other win, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, was his seventh there, so there's no guarantee he'll win this tournament. A lot of talented players. Will have more tomorrow.


Tom Lehman captures his second Tradition title while LeBron James targets his first NBA title.

Trent, 'Bama football, AU, basketball, UA, AU and UAB

Tough one for Trent. Had such a stellar year. RGIII's final performance against Texas put him over the top. Trent ran for 1,583 yards and 20 TDs and caught 27 passes for 327 yards and three TDs. Those were certainly Heisman numbers. RGIII didn't even come close to playing against the defenses that Trent did. RGIII won the vote in the South which was surprising. But Trent won the Doak Walker, a very distinguished honor and has a chance to win his second national title as a Tider and possibly be the top player picked in the draft. He should be at least in the top 5. So there are a lot of good things ahead for Trent. Proud of Barrett for winning the Outland Trophy and Carson Tinker made a phenomenal speech in accepting the team Sprit Award. He's a terrific kid. Looking forward to seeing how Barrett does in the draft if he does go. Could be a first rounder as well. But he could very easily, knowing him, come back for his senior season. I'd say it's 60-40 he comes back. He might want to improve his stock for the 2013 draft and play another year for Tide and get that degree; though he probably will have it after this semester. He's a bright kid who really cares about school. Seems to love it in Tuscaloosa, also. We'll see. There could be five or six Tide first rounders. This group is loaded. Now it's time to start thinking about Jan.9. Should be a classic. 'Bama owes Honey Badger, Claiborne, Spencer Ware and Jordan Jefferson a payback. Should be another thriller and one Tide fans will be on the edge of their seats during.

Looks like Kirby Smart will stay with 'Bama. Jim McElwain may go to be the head coach at Fresno State. His offenses have been solid, not dynamic. He's a good coach, don't get me wrong, but he is probably more replaceable than Kirby is. He's had a couple of all world running backs that's for sure and impressive offensive lines. He's solid, but I'm sure S can find another good OC if McElwain leaves. Pretty sure Kirby will be back. Doesn't look like there is a job that he will be highly interested in after Texas A&M hired Kevin Sumlin from Houston. Kirby was in the final three for that job.

There will be talent, albeit some young, next year. Going to lose some good players. Hightower, Upshaw, Harris, Chapman, Barron, Menzie and possibly 'Dre and Lester, but should have some good players back. Some good young ones led by  C.J. Mosley, Trey DePriest, Nico, Jesse Williams and some incoming guys who should and will have to be good. May take a little time to develop, but the defense, under Kirby, will be good at some point next season. I'm sure S and Kirby are hoping sooner rather than later. Will miss some of these studs though; that's for sure.But have one monumental clash left. A national title could solidify another tops in the country recruiting class and get the Tide ready for another successful season in 2012. A.J. will be even better next year. There are some losses on the oline. Eddie L will be back along with Jalston Fowler, Blake Sims and some younger guys. Not sure if frosh Brent Callaway will make it back. He'd help at rb. So there is some rebuilding/reloading to do. Should be an interesting recruiting finish and spring.

Michael Dyer getting suspended is pretty shocking. He seems like a decent kid. Sounds like something is up with his attitude. Very surprising. Not sure what he did. Could have been substance related, grades or just a bad attitude. Hopefully it's not a huge deal going forward. Dyer needs to get it together because there are going to be some stellar running backs on the roster this spring and in fall workouts and he's going to have some serious competition. He may even get beaten out. There is a good chance of that the way things are going now. We'll see Onterio get some more carries in the Chick Fil A and Tre Mason get a shot. Think Tre is a good player. He could take advantage of this. McCalebb will do a good job. He always does. AU needs to beat Virginia to get 2012 headed in the right direction. AU recruiting well, and there is a lot of young talent coming back on both sides of the ball, so they need to start 2012 with a bowl victory. No word on DC. Heard Everett Withers name again. And Mark Stoops at Florida State. Stoops would be a good hire.

Will have a lot on bowls including predictions in the upcoming weeks starting Friday with picks of the New Mexico bowl pitting Temple and Wyoming, the New Orleans Bowl (San Diego State vs. Louisiana Lafayette) and the Beef O'Brady's Bowl (Florida International vs Marshall.) Plenty of research to do this week. Record is 89-39 (70%). Would like to get it to 75% at the end of the season.

'Bama beat Detroit in bball last night, 62-54. The big guys in the middle did a good job with JaMychal Green leading the way with 21 points. Tony Mitchell added 15 and freshman Nick Jacobs had 13. But the Tide only shot two-of-15 from behind the arc. That has to improve. They've been struggling  there, so there needs to be improvement in the shooting from three if the Tide wants to really make a run this season. The defense keeps them in it and can win it for them most games, but need some help from outside shooting to really make a deep run this year. Solid team which could be great with improved shooting. Tide now 8-2 and ranked 15th. Play Kansas State at Kansas City, Saturday, on ESPNU. Kansas State 6-1 with their only loss coming to West Virginia, 85-80, in double OT. They've got votes in the poll. They're probably a typical solid K State team. Will have more on them later in the week.

Auburn is 4-1 and have a couple of players coming in Dec. 15 who could help. Have a 7 footer coming in who could really help in the middle. AU's got a chance to be better. Whether they can make the tourney will be tough. They've got to bear down defensively that's for sure. AU plays South Florida at home this Wednesday at 8:30 PM on CSS and ESPN3. South Florida is 6-4 and lost to Kansas recently, 70-42. So AU's got a good shot to go to 5-1.

UAB won last Wednesday, 66-56, over Middle Tn, and played much better. Still have issues trying to get a solid starter at point guard. Now 2-6. Play at VCU on Tues, Dec. 20, 6:30 PM. No TV yet. Probably ESPN3.

Jerry Sandusky: Two more victims

This is very disturbing grand jury testimonies from two more victims of this animal, psychopath, Jerry Sandusky. It's graphic, I warn you. Very sad for these victims. I said earlier that I thought Sandusky should get the death penalty. I still think he should though that won't happen. He's accused of sexually molesting 10 boys now. He's a pig and should pay the ultimate price for ruining at least 10 boys' lives. There probably will be more come forward. Sandusky:

LeBron: It's OK to be a Nice Guy

LeBron James went on ESPN two nights ago and talked to reporter Rachel Nichols about some of his regrets about the way he handled leaving Cleveland. He said he regretted leaving the fans and that if he was a fan of a great athlete in his city and the athlete left him/her there would be a sense of betrayal. LeBron understood that and said he was sorry for how it happened. He  said he thought the way he handled his departure from Cleveland in "The Decision," was a mistake. It was a very honest interview by the superstar for the Miami Heat. I've always thought LeBron was a nice guy, good person who has always been misunderstood. I've always liked him a lot and have admired his basketball skills. He's made some errors in judgment in some of the things he's said and done like saying he wanted to dunk over President Bush; that was disrespectful. But I cut him some slack. He's a young man and young men, particularly in the public eye like professional athletes, are going to say some things they probably regret. I'm sure he regrets that comment. But he's a good guy and I've forgiven him for the way he handled "The Decision." I remember watching him play in Cleveland last year. The fans were booing him while the Cavs were beating the Heat, he looked to be almost in tears. This was his home state; the place he grew up in. He was born in Akron, but had been a Cleveland Cavalier for eight years. He is a sensitive, and I'd say, nice person.

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, whom I both like and enjoy watching at night on ESPN's First Take, were pretty hard on 'Bron yesterday. A. said he's acting like a superstar but hasn't done anything yet–he hasn't won an NBA title. Skip said he's just not mentally tough. Well, maybe 'Bron is just really a nice, sensitive guy. He's a competitor; there is no doubt about it. I've watched him play. He's relentless and tough. But off the court, it's OK for him to be a nice guy. What's wrong with that? And it's OK to be a nice guy on the court and in that I mean respectful of your opponent, congratulating your opponent when they win and being humble in defeat. Nobody likes to lose, but losing with grace and dignity is the right thing to do. Acting like a poor loser is not the way to act. You can not like losing, but you've got to be a mature man, and handle it with class.

John Wooden was one of the nicest, kindest, gentle men to ever coach in sports. I read a powerful quote by him one time. The Wizard of Westwood said,"You should never try to be better than someone else, but you should never cease to try to be the best you can be." John Wooden was a genuinely nice person. Did he have success? How about 10 national championships in 12 years at UCLA, seven national titles in a row and 88 straight wins; an alltime record. Anything wrong with Wooden being a nice guy?

Of course, Wooden and now LeBron were and are intense competitors. I'll give a smaller example of how I treat a golf round with a friend or if I'm in a tournament. I'm so focused on playing the course, as they say, that I don't think about beating my opponent. I'm just trying to be the best I can be. I want to complement and respect my playing partner or opponent. I'll encourage them when they hit a good shot or make a putt. That's the way it should be. Golf is competitive, but it's a gentleman's game and should be treated that way. Being the best you can be is important, but showing class and respecting your playing partner or opponent is just as important.

There are tremendous competitors out there like Nick Saban, Coach K and Bill Belichick. They are terrific coaches. But I bet they feel better about themselves when they compete with class. Don't get me wrong they want to win; all competitors do. But when they'll look back on their careers they want to be remembered for the relationships they had with their players and the impact they had. They're strong, tough and relentless, but they're decent people.

LeBron is a good guy, a nice guy. I really like him and always have. "The Decision" was exciting for me, but I was hoping he would have stayed in Cleveland. LeBron regrets the way he handled it, and told Nichols so in the interview. It's OK to show some vulnerability. I think people like you better when you do that. And it's OK to be a nice guy. You can be an intense competitor in the arena or the stadium, but you can also be a good sport and you can show integrity and be respectful of your opponent on the court or inside the stadium. That's a good thing. It's a spiritual thing. That's the way the Lord wants you to act.

The thing about nice guys finishing last is a bunch of baloney. There are millions of nice guys who are winners. How about Drew Brees, who is one of the classiest, nicest guys you'll ever want to meet. He's done OK. Super Bowl champion in 2009 and looking to be a Super Bowl champion in 2011. The Packers will definitely have a say in that, but Drew and the Saints are in definite contention. And he's got plenty of good years left as he's 31. If you have read Drew's book Coming Back Stronger, you have read what a class act he is and what a good person he is. He helps the city of New Orleans in many ways and helped in rebuilding the city physically and spiritually through his play in 2006. And, yes, he's a very nice guy.

Tim Tebow is another one. Just a nice person, Christian guy. Many doubters in the media and in the public have lined up  to criticize Tim for his Christian beliefs and his play at quarterback. Well, he's 6-1 as a starter and hasn't lost any of his humility and his decency.

LeBron is a nice person. And I see him winning some championships alongside his two teammates, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.Chris is another very nice, respectful person who has been roundly criticized by sportswriters and commentators like Bayless who has called him "Bosh Spice," since he came to the Heat. Chris actually went on the show and Skip explained to him why he called him that. Chris handled it with grace and dignity. He's a thoughtful guy who played at Georgia Tech, a fine academic institution. He said to Skip that it bothered his family a lot more than it bothered him. He also said that Skip's name for him "motivated him." He never attacked Skip verbally, just handled it with decency and grace. He's a fine basketball player and had a very good finals last year, so I expect Chris, 'Bron and DWade to be very motivated this season.

Nice people finish first all the time. I think Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are nice guys. Trent Richardson and RGIII are nice guys. They are the ultimate warriors, but they're class guys off the field. All four of those guys are. So I can make an argument that nice guys are better competitors than the rough, cantankerous guys. Nice guys keep  their cool. They execute better. You always compete better when you're calm and focused than when you're angry. I think you lose your focus when you're angry. Your emotions get the best of you.

LeBron could be the next nice guy to win it all. More importantly, he's showing his maturity and decency for making mistakes in the past and admitting them. He's a good guy and I wish him the best. He deserves it. He's worked hard, tried to be the best he could be and admitted his mistakes to the national public. It's OK to be nice. As a matter of fact, it's an asset. People like nice people. You can be a great competitor on the floor and be a nice guy off of it. I think you'll like yourself better if you are.

(LeBron is a nice person who is somewhat misunderstood.)

Rick Reilly's Column on 9/11

Will have more on the football happenings over the weekend today or tomorrow. Wanted to check out the Tide game one more time and look at Saban show. Can't find Chizik show for some reason. Not sure what's going on there, but looking into it. Wondering if he doesn't have a show this year. Will find out. Watched Auburn from kickoff to final play. Awesome game. Tide looked great on defense and A.J. did pretty well leading the team. Thought he played well and that's a good sign. More on Tigers and Tide later. Just wanted to share Rick Reilly's column on with you on the heroes of 9/11. That was a pretty powerful day yesterday if you were watching the news, reading the paper or just watching football. The NFL did a great job of honoring our fallen countrymen and women from the fateful day. Here is Reilly's column on the four heroes from Flight 93. Will be in touch later today or first thing tomorrow on SEC and national football with some big games coming up this weekend including AU @ Clemson, Tennessee @ Florida and Oklahoma @Florida State.

Flight 93:


Thoughts about the tragedy in Alabama

I will have more previews of SEC football teams this week starting with Arkansas tomorrow and continuing with Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, but thought it would be more appropriate today to talk about the tragedy that occurred in Alabama and neighboring states in the South last Wednesday  The tornadoes that ripped through this state on Thursday were massive and unforgiving in their destructiveness. Everything has paled in comparison the last five days since the tragedy struck. It looked like an EF5 tornado though some are classifying it as an EF4 with winds of 175 miles an hour. But by looking at that tornado in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham which was caught by the CBS 42 cameras, it was enormous and very, very terrifying. Please keep Tuscaloosa, Pleasant Grove, Pratt City, Concord, DeKalb County, Cullman, Lake Martin and Marion County among other places in Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. The positive about this is that many, many people have come to the aid of the places and the people that and who were devastated by this disaster. If you could make any kind of contribution at all to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army for "Tornado Relief," that would be greatly appreciated by all the people of Alabama. I know Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia took hits, too, so our prayers go out to them as well.

I'll preview the rest of the teams in the SEC beginning tomorrow. I just thought today it was more appropriate to talk about the terrible tragedy and to help those in need in these areas that were ravaged by the tornadoes. Please keep those people in your prayers.

(Pleasant Grove, Alabama took a massive hit.)

Random thoughts

I'm working on a piece I will publish next Tuesday. I thought I could get it done today, but it's taking a little longer than I anticipated. Will have it next Tuesday for sure. Think you will enjoy it. Some thoughts about this weekend:

1. Mountain Brook plays Hoover at the Met on Friday. Going to talk to Marty Rozell, Mountain Brook offensive coordinator, today on a book I'm working on. Marty is a young, energetic, highly intelligent offensive mind. Will have the offense ready for Hoover. Mountain Brook is so well coached, I think they can give Hoover a battle. Hoover not exceptional. Very good high school football team, but MB can give them a game.  Can Mountain Brook beat Hoover? It'll be tough, but I'm not totally ruling it out. If qb Edward Aldag has a big day and defense can outscheme the Hoover offense, tackle well and get some turnovers and not turn the ball over themselves,  the Spartans have a chance. I think Mountain Brook may have the best coaching staff in the state and if anybody can get it done against Hoover, besides Vestavia Hills, this group can. Could be a pretty fun game Friday Night.

2. Cam Newton, Denard Robinson and Mark Ingram go at it again this weekend to see who takes the Heisman lead. You also have to throw in Kellen Moore of Boise State. I think Mich State might upset Michigan this weekend. They really impressed me against Wisconsin. They are a very sound, well-coached football team, and though Robinson is great, I can see Mich State really keying on him. If they can stop Robinson they'll win. Will make that prediction along with others on Friday.

Mark Ingram single-handedly beat South Carolina last year. The Tide has more talent no doubt, but it's at South Carolina and it could be a good game. Could be. Alabama too good for SC though.

Cam Newton could have a field day against Kentucky and continue his quest for the Heisman. Heard an interview with him where he pretty much discounted the Heisman talk and talked about his team. He's serious and so is Auburn. They should keep on rolling this weekend, then face a tough one against Arkansas. Can't overlook UK though with their offensive weapons. Defense will be tested and they need to keep stepping up. Some one pointed out they thought the Auburn corners play too soft on the wrs of the opposing offense. I agree with that. I like corners playing tight coverage on the line of scrimmage. If you have good, athletic corners it's the way to go. I think Ted Roof should try it.  Roof is pretty conservative though and he may be worried about getting beat deep. But I like the aggressive approach. Alabama does that with Kirkpatrick and Menzie. Hope AU's conservative style doesn't cost them down the road. Teams can kill you with the quick hitters and nickel and dime you all the way down the field.

3. Greg McElroy is probably the weakest link on Alabama team. I know the guy wins and I thought he was the most valuable quarterback in the SEC a couple of weeks ago. Cam Newton has overtaken him. McElroy has stepped up big in big games. He gets it done, but he's not a dominating player like Ingram, Richardson and the wide receivers and the offensive line are. He's good, not great.

4. Oregon should jump Ohio State at some point. If they keep up their performance, they, to me, are better than Ohio State. I'm not discounting Boise State or Utah either. There are some solid teams in the West and those are three that really stick out to me. I'm not completely sold on Terrell Pryor of Ohio State. I see them stumbling at Wisconsin or Iowa in November. Michigan might get'em at Columbus. Just think Pryor is erratic at times. He can be outstanding, but not consistent. Like those other three teams out West more.

5. The David Shores situation just seems unusual to me that the Hoover system would offer him a job as an assistant athletic director for the Hoover athletic department. Something is not right there. At least they're paying him till August, but I hope this incident doesn't ruin his reputation and not allow him to pursue other opportunities. He's a good guy and a good football coach. Was instrumental in Spain Park making the state championship game in 2007 as defensive coordinator and was doing a solid job as head coach. Not sure exactly how that player incident all came down. Apparently there was a history between Shores and the player whom he had an altercation with at practice. I wish the best for David. He's a good guy.

6. The Ryder Cup team gave it a great shot at the end but fell too far behind the Euros in the third day. Tiger and Phil won their matches and Hunter Mahan lost to Graeme McDowell in the last match. Just didn't think the U.S. had those strong personalities like they had in '08 at Valhalla with Boo Weekly, J.B. Holmes and Anthony Kim. This group looked like they wanted it, but the Euros looked like wanted it more. U.S. needs to match the passion of Europe if they expect to win Cup. Not sure these guys are tough enough mentally to do that, at least this group wasn't. They make so much money on the tour that it may make them a little soft. I do think they gave it a good go, but Europe is just so passionate about it.

7. Baseball playoffs start today with Rangers at Rays, Reds at Phillies and Yankees at Twins. Should be an interesting postseason. Like the Phillies to win the NL, but the AL is more up for grabs. Yankees aren't playing great and not sure about Rays' starting pitching. Those two teams should emerge though this is a season in the AL where you could see some upsets. I'll reluctantly go with the Rays to make it to Series vs Phils. Great matchup today between Cliff Lee of Rangers and David Price of Rays at 12:30 on WTBS. If Rays can get this first one, like their chances. Braves play at Giants tomorrow. Bobby Cox still hanging on. Players trying to win it for him.

(Mountain Brook tries to upset Hoover this Friday.)

Jay Mariotti

I feel bad for the guy, but he has dug his own grave. I don't know what the truth is about this incident where his girlfriend has cuts on her arms, but something went very wrong at the house. Mariotti and his girlfriend had been out at a bar and, apparently, she was flirting with some other guy. Who knows how ballistic Mariotti went? She may have provoked him, but you don't hit a woman unless you are protecting yourself from harm by her. I've always enjoyed Mariotti's opinions. He comes across as intelligent and irreverent which are good qualities for a sportswriter. I did detect some arrogance about him on Around The Horn, the ESPN show he has been appearing on for the last several years. He's very sure of himself no doubt, but I did find myself agreeing with a lot of his positions. He was hard on athletes for behaving badly, which I liked. I get sick of commentators making excuses for people who assault other people, steal or even do steroids. There are too many apologists for athletes today.

I liked him calling it like it was. But if what he did is true, he's in a lot of trouble. ESPN and AOL Fanhouse are waiting for the results of the investigation. It doesn't look good for Jay.

I'm sorry to see a good columnist screw up his life over a jealousy issue. I admit, sometimes I get jealous if a guy is talking to my wife, but I can control it and I trust my wife. Mariotti is 51 and this is his girlfriend. Not sure if he had a wife and kids but surely he's been married before. He lives in California and this could be a hot, wild California girl who was probably not right for him, but he liked her looks and liked her physically. Could be off base here, but there has to be some explanation for a successful guy losing control. It was four or four thirty in the morning, so they had been out carousing.

This will be a sad end to his career. I know a lot of people didn't like him, but I did. If he is found guilty of committing this felony though, he should lose his jobs at ESPN and Fanhouse. May have some jail time, too.

On CBS-42's Inside Sports Sunday Night

I will be discussing my latest novel, A Stroke of Genius, with Brad Radice on CBS-42's Inside Sports Sunday Night between 10:15-10:35. I'll also hopefully talk with Brad about PGA Golf with U.S. Open coming up next week and talk about SEC expansion possibilities. Check it out if you get a chance. Thanks.

The End of An Era

I remember the first time I turned on the TV on a Monday Night at eight to see what this show 24 was all about. It was four years ago and my wife and I were dating at the time. There was no good sports on tv, so we decided to check out this show that we had seen advertised all over the place. I wanted to find out more about it. It didn't take long for my wife and I to become engrossed in what I think is the greatest television show of all time. We watched season 5 until the end of the spring when Jack Bauer had just saved the country from nuclear armageddon and was then knocked out and kidnapped by the Chinese whose embassy he had stormed in trying to stop the nuclear attack on the country. The show was sensational.

We talked about it all summer and decided at the end of the summer to start from the beginning, season one. The show didn't begin again until January of 2007, so we wanted to catch up. Season one was incredibly exciting, spell-bounding and intensely emotional at times. I would think about the shows at night when I got in bed. Those characters and the show just moved me. It hit me emotionally like no other show I had ever seen. Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) was just making his mark as a CTU agent and was riveting in his role in an amazing first season.

My wife and I proceeded to watch the next four seasons. The first was amazing with more twists and turns than a Vince Flynn novel (if you haven't read Vince, I would highly recommend it. He's an anti-terrorism, riveting writer; begin with his first novel, Term Limits). Jack was an unappreciated hero. He kept fighting for his country when a lot of times his country gave up on him.

Last night was the denouement of television perfection. Jack is ready to extract more revenge from the Russians and their evil president, Sukurov. Sukorov was behind the assassination of President Hassan and the nuclear attempt on New York . He is in cahoots with Charles Logan, the former president and the coward politician. President Allison Taylor has folded to the pressure Logan has put on her to make her mark by signing the peace agreement. She has gone against her principles of decency and has allowed the agreement to go despite knowing of the assassination of President Hassan, the nuclear attempt on New York and the killing of good men and Renee Walker by the Russians. She  has condoned Logan and Sukorov's actions and turned her back on President Dalia Hassan of the IRK, the former president's wife.

But Dalia finds out about the plot from daughter Kayla who had spoken to the reporter Meredith Reed about the Russian involvement in her husband's assassination and everything else Russia has done. Dalia confronts Taylor and says there will be no peace agreement. You can see the disdain she now has for Taylor. Taylor becomes a monster and says she'll implicate Hassan's government in  the attempted nuclear attack on the U.S. and order full retaliation. Hassan, hatred in her eyes, has no choice but to go along.

Meanwhile, Jack is waiting in Jason Pillar's car when he gets in, and at gunpoint, tells Pillar he will kill him right there unless Pillar drives him to the U.N. Jack is planning on killing Sukurov.

Chloe is trying desperately to find Jack and deploys Cole to the arms dealer's apartment. After a standoff, Cole tells the dealer the only way to save Jack is to find him and that he (Cole) will report the guy has illegal arms and will serve the rest of his life in prison unless he tells him where Jack is. The guy tells him.

Pillar, under gun point, gets Jack into the parking garage across the street from the UN building. Jack is badly wounded, and gets Pillar to stitch him up. Jack then tells Pillar to get on his knees. Pillar pleads with Jack not to kill him. He says he has a little girl at home. Jack doesn't pull the trigger but knocks him out and puts him in the back of Pillar's SUV bound up and unconcsious.

Jack makes it to the 24th floor of the building. He gets out his high powered rifle and gets prepared. He makes a call. Logan answers the phone. He tells Logan he is aimed right at his head and tells him to call Sukurov and tell him to come to his (Logan's) office or he's dead.

Logan waffles and Jack plays the tape of Logan talking to Sukurov talking about everything they've done that day. Logan calls Sukorov, who has just gotten out of a press conference with Taylor and Dalia. Sukorov had noticed there was hatred in Dalia's eyes and knows that she knows what has happened. He tells the president he knows that she has coerced Dalia to sign. When Logan calls, Sukorov is suspicious, but Logan, being the professional liar that he is, gets Sukorov to come to his office.

Chloe finds out where Jack is and tells Cole she's going up there. Cole says if she's not out of there in 20 minutes he's going to send his men up there to take out Jack.

Chloe makes it up to the 24th floor where Jack is. They are together again. Chloe pleads with Jack to not do this and get out, that there will be men coming after him with orders to kill him. He puts down his gun, but then grabs Chloe from behind the neck and like so many others, squeezes her neck and she goes unconscious.

Jack is now waiting for Sukorov. There is a knock at Logan's door. Logan hesitates, but then says to come in. Jack is ready when Chloe wakes up and starts trying to talk Jack out of this saying this will start a war and a nuclear armed country will retaliate against the U.S. She says that Renee would not want him to do this. Jack starts thinking hard then puts down the gun. Logan, waiting for the worst, is shocked Sukorov is not dead by now. He says it was a false alarm there is nothing he needs  to tell him. Sukorov walks away in disgust not knowing that he was a couple of seconds from being dead.

Cole has already ordered the men to storm the building and tells them Jack's location. Cole didn't want to do this, he's an ally of Jack's, but he can't let Jack kill the Russian leader. The men are coming. Chloe tells him they have to get out. Jack says there is no time and orders her to shoot him and take the computer chip to Cole and to send it to Arlo so they can circulate it everywhere and expose Sukorov, Logan and Taylor ultimately. Chloe is scared to death and will not shoot Jack. Jack implores her to. Right before the men get there, Chloe shoots Jack in the shoulder.

Pillar gets up there. He has talked to Logan and knows Jack has the disc. They need that disc. They have checked Jack and he doesn't have it. He looks at Chloe. Chloe is nervous, but trying to be calm. She says she has to go get back to UN detail, but Pillar says he wants to shake her down. It's very tense. She's clean and she leaves. Now she's on her way down. Pillar realizes she has it, that Jack doesn't. He's about to go after Chloe again, but Jack calls him over acting like he'll confess something. Jack has an oxygen mask on, there were no internal injuries as Jack was shot in the shoulder, luckily. Jack calls Pillar over and Pillar leans down, Jack bites him hard on the cheek. Pillar is screaming in pain. He commands his men to get Chloe.

Chloe gets to Cole and they try to send the disc to Arlo. It is downloading to Arlo when the CTU men get there and arrest Chloe and Cole. The transmission doesn't go through. Pillar now has the disc.

Logan takes the disc into Taylor and says they're free. Taylor looks troubled. Logan tells her they need to eliminate Bauer on the drive to CTU. He will make the order. Taylor can't believe she's doing this. When Logan leaves after getting her consent to take out Bauer, she puts the disc in her computer and watches what Jack has to say. It seems as he's talking to his daughter, Kim, and telling her what has transpired and what he has had to do. He says there were a lot of good people killed that day and that he is sacrificing himself for people he cares about particularly her and Renee Walker. Taylor is very moved.

The leaders get to the signing. Sukorov and Hassan sign and it's Taylor's turn. Taylor gets to the podium and hesitates. She does not sign and speaks to reporters saying there is a conspiracy and she will expose it in an hour. There is shock in the room.

Taylor tells her chief of staff to send men out to save Jack from being ambushed. Logan and Pillar are in Logan's office when they see what Taylor has done. Logan gets a call. He knows it's over. Pillar says he has to answer  the phone. It's Taylor and she is having them arrested. Logan tells Pillar to answer the phone, and, as he does, Logan bangs him over the head with a glass whiskey container. He puts a pillow over Pillar's head and shoots him. Taylor and her men are now at Logan's door pounding on it. Logan puts a gun to his chin and fires. The men burst in the room.

Taylor calls the CTU men, but it's too late. The ambulance carrying Jack has been ambushed and Jack, badly wounded, taken by Logan's men to be assassinated. Taylor has installed only Chloe, Cole and Arlo in charge at CTU to try and find Jack. They send a drone out to try to find where these men have taken him.

The two men pull Jack out of the van and take him to an area by a warehouse. The assassin tells Jack he doesn't want to do this. Jack hits him and tries to take him down, but Jack is handcuffed. The man regains control and knocks Jack down. He's ready to pull the trigger now when the other guy tells him to hold off, the President is on the line. Taylor tells the man to stop and let Jack go. The guy unties Jack, gives him the phone and leaves.

Taylor tells Jack she's failed him, but will be giving up to authorities, but that he has to get out of the country. The Russians will be after him as will the U.S. Chloe has Jack on satellite and Jack tells Chloe how much she's meant to him. It's moving, reflective of all the time they've spent together and all they've been through. You almost think Jack is going to tell her he loves her. Jack thanks her. Chloe has broken down in tears. The show fades to black and the countdown goes to zero.

There should be a movie. There's a lot left to determine. What is going to happen to Jack? Will he catch Sukorov? Can he survive? Will he ever see Chloe again or Cole? Will he ever see his daughter Kim again? Is Logan still alive? What happens to the presidency? Amazing scenarios are waiting to happen. It should be powerful.

This was the greatest show of all time in my opinion. I'm really going to miss it. Can't believe it's over, but it should be discussed for a long time as an American classic. It's so authentic, I think history classes should talk about it. It tackles the most important world issues today aside from the economy. National security. It's Hollywood, but it's conservative, Reaganesque. Jack Bauer is the hero we're all looking for in this country. It's so patriotic.

Jack Bauer is the ultimate patriot and this show and his legacy will endure through the ages.

24 last night-1-2 p.m.

Jack on a rampage. Knows now that former President Charles Logan was involved in the coverup and is going to get him. He gets all of his equipment together, guns, bullet-proof vest and other weaponry and prepares to assault Logan's limo. He finds out the direction Logan is heading in from his arms contact. Chloe finds out who the arms contact is and tells Arlo that she will send some one out to get him. That would be Cole. He's the only one who can do it. Chloe is trying to save Jack and knows about the coverup and the Russians' complicity in everything that happened during the day. She tells Cole to go find this guy and then find Jack. Cole, at first, is not sure, but knows this is the only way out of his cell at CTU and goes for it. Cole is being held for aiding Jack. He tells Chloe if he finds Jack, he may have to "put him down." He drives away. Chloe looks on nervously.

Meanwhile, Logan finds out that Jack has killed the Russian assassin who killed Renee, and the Russian Foreign Minister calls Logan and tells him he's worried Bauer is coming after him. Logan, arrogant as ever, tells the Russian not to worry, that CTU has been ordered to shoot to kill Bauer.

Jack has given Meredith Reed, the reporter who was close to Hassan, all the information needed to prove the conspiracy by the Russian government. She has the computer chip with the evidence.

Reed has gotten into contact with her editor and told him about the evidence she has on the Russians and that she's going to run the story. The editor agrees to meet her at a bar in town. The president finds out that Reed has met with Bauer and orders the FBI to take Reed into custody when they find her; that it's a national security issue. Logan had talked her into it. She is hesitant, but now makes some more bad decisions. She has created this highly illegal activity by her decision to listen to Logan who has appealed to her legacy. She knows of the Russian involvement, but is trying to save her legacy. The acting chief of staff says that it's against the law to censor the press, but Taylor says to not question her and arrest Reed.

Logan's limo with the Secret Service agents in the front seat enters a short tunnel behind quite a few cabs and other cars.  Jack pops out and starts shooting at the tires of the cabs in front flattening them up and stopping traffic. Jack starts moving towards the limo firing his assault rifle. Logan recognizes it's Jack and his eyes get wider than the Pacific Ocean. He is a wimp when push comes to shove, and he realizes it's Jack's coming for him. He says, "That's Jack Bauer. Kill him." He is panicking.

Jack shoots and injures the Secret Service agents and keeps moving towards Logan's car. Logan is petrified. It's pretty funny to see how scared Logan is. Jack gets to Logan's car. Jack has this bullet-proof outfit on; looks like Iron Man. After putting down three or four agents, not killing them, Jack shoots with his high powered gun into Logan's bullet-proof  front windshield. He shoots twice and breaks up the glass. He grabs a tear gas bomb out of his pocket and slips it through the windshield. The Secret Service agent in the front seat cannot shoot out of the vehicle because it's bullet proof and a bullet can't go out. Both he and Logan start coughing and gagging uncontrollably. Logan is gasping for air. Logan gets out of the car, hunched over, gagging. Jack grabs him and shoots off a lock of a underground tunnel and  takes Logan in it.

Jack gets Logan into a room and pushes him against a fence and pounds him in the stomach. Logan is scared to death and Jack says he'll give him five seconds to talk then will put a bullet in his head  unless he tells him who is behind the conspiracy. Logan tells him it was the Russian Foreign Minister. Jack says he's lying, but Logan swears that's who it is. Jack hears Pillar, Logan's man, and CTU coming. He knocks Logan out by choking him. Logan passes out; not dead, just out. Jack takes off for the Russians.

Pillar and his men get to Logan. Pillar sends the other men after Jack and tends to Logan. He calls for a medical team.

Reed is waiting in a bar for her editor and gets a call from him. The FBI is in the newspaper's office looking for her. He tells her he can't talk and for her to get away and he'll try to catch up to her later. The FBI comes in his office and asks who he's talking to on the phone. He says he's canceling an appointment, but they're highly suspicious. Reed drops the phone and gets out of the bar.

Reed gets to a hotel where she calls Hassan's wife. Kayla, the queen's daughter, answers and can't believe Reed is calling. Reed tells Kayla she, Reed, has to talk to the now president. Kayla, who can't stand Reed because of Reed's relationship with her father, is about to hang up when Reed tells her about the Russian conspiracy. Kayla is shocked. She writes down Reed's phone number. Reed has to get off the phone as she sees cops in the lobby. She is walking out when the FBI stops her and arrests her. She is taken away.

The foreign minister  calls the Russian president who has gotten to New York and is on his way to the UN to sign the agreement. The minister says that Bauer has no idea that the president is involved in the conspiracy and murder of Hassan. This is a revelation. The leader of Russia is in charge of all the days' activities.

Logan is wheeled to the ambulance and Pillar tells him Bauer is gone. Logan takes off his oxygen mask and calls the Russian president. He tells him about everything that has transpired. Jack is listening. He has put a bug on Logan. He now knows the Russian president is in charge of this.

The foreign minister calls down to his driver to get the car ready to take him to the UN. His aide may have called the driver, but not important. The driver is in the garage, takes his orders and hangs up. All of  the sudden, Jack grabs him from behind and beats him up and puts a gun to his head commanding him to tell him where the foreign minister is or he's dead. The guy finally tells him the minister is on the 11th floor and Jack knocks him out. Jack, fully armed with his assault gun, moves toward the elevator. Two Russian guards appear–Jack found out from the driver how many guards there are–and Jack shoots them both. He grabs the security card off one of them and runs it through the elevator slot. The elevator is on its way. Suddenly one of the guards gets up and charges Jack with a knife. He stabs Jack in the stomach. Jack hits him, grabs the guard's knife and stabs and kills him.

Logan calls the minister and his cell phone rings. There are four or five dead guys in the room. The minister has been stabbed through his stomach with a lance it looks like. One of the security guards, who is badly injured and crawls over to get the minister's phone, answers the phone and struggles to tell Logan what has happened. Logan calls the Russian president and tells him not to worry, that Bauer is wounded and they will find him. The Russian president is not so sure.

Next scene Jack is hiding in an alley. Jack gets up and moves on. There is a lot of blood on the wall. Jack is injured, but will get to everyone responsible and extract every bit of revenge in his power.

Next week is the final two hours of the show, 2-4 p.m. This is it. Pillar, Logan's aide, is going to see Jack. It won't be pleasant for Pillar. Will the Russian President pay for his actions? What's going to happen to Taylor, the President? What about Logan? What will happen to Jack and will Cole find Jack? Last show of the program's eight-year run. Highly recommend it. There will be a movie, so that's pretty exciting, too. 7-9 p.m. next Monday on FOX.

(Jack pictured above, Kiefer Sutherland, actor)