NFL players on Team

On defense-'Ro (Jr., could be top 5 pick if he goes this year-maybe he'll stay); Terrence Cody (Sr., first round-could be the next William "Refrigerator" Perry);

Marcell Dareus (So., stock really went up, but he's coming back);

Lorenzo Washington (Sr. definite pick; great game last night, in the Texas backfield a lot);

Brandon Deaderick (Sr. great pass rusher, runstopper);

Eryk Anders (Sr. Great game-what a hit on Gilbert forcing the fumble that Courtney Upshaw recovered that led to Alabama's clinching score putting them up 31-21. His hit and forced fumble sealed the game);

Courtney Upshaw (Soph. Great potential, already very good player);

Mark Barron ( soph., will be back; had some trouble defending Shipley last night, but great player nonetheless; ball hawk);

Dont'a Hightower (soph. when he gets back-already tremendous player-potential is unlimited; will be good to see him back on the field);

Kareem Jackson (Jr., may very well go this year; great cover corner, maybe best db on team);

Justin Woodall (Sr., great leader out there; NFL will like his size and athletic ability);

Marquis Johnson (Sr., Should get a shot; good defender. Had a little trouble with Shipley, too. But a lot of people have trouble with Shipley);

Javy (Sr., Love the guy. He just brings so much to the team. What an interception last night. What an athlete, too. Great attitude, just a winner).

The whole defense can play in the NFL in my opinion, but 'Bama should also reload next year. There will be some guys coming back from this group and the younger guys on the team are talented. Next year should be a reload on defense.

On offense:

Mike Johnson (Sr., Should be there next year. Great player, great leader);

Drew Davis (Sr. Another anchor on the line for the last three years. The line gave up some sacks last night, but did a great job on run blocking opening huge holes for Ingram and Richardson);

(Jones, soph, Vlachos, soph., and Carpenter, jr.) all three will be pros when they go, but they're coming back;

Peek (Sr., definitely a pro; late first, early second);

Julio (Soph., coming back, but,of course he'll be a pro,  but needs to have a big year next year to go in first round);

Marquis Maze (soph., has the talent-needs to keep improving);

Darius Hanks (Jr., possibly, just needs to keep getting better);

McElroy, (Jr., will be back of course) Great kid, great competitor. Will have many options after school. May want to be a businessman, but football is a possibility. When's he going to lose a game? Maybe never in college;

Mark (Soph)  and Trent  (frosh) are first round picks when they come out. It'll be fun to watch how good Trent will be next year;

Roy Upchurch (sr.) can make an NFL  roster.

P.J. Fitzgerald (sr.) I think so. Great punter and great athlete. I thought he threw a pretty good pass on the fake punt, just a little underthrown. He made an awesome tackle on punt return in Florida game that saved a td. Great athlete.

Leigh Tiffin (Sr.) Maybe. Needs to become a little more consistent.

So almost the entire starting 22 are NFL players in my opinion. That's some kind of recruiting. Got to give Mike Shula some credit for these players, too.

Will Nick Saban stay at Alabama for the length of  his contract-that's roughly 10-12 more years? He seems to love it and he has a chance to win the national title every year. The only thing that might change his mind is a chance in the NFL. He's such a competitor that he probably would want to prove himself there and try to win a Super Bowl.

But people have been saying that Pete Carroll was going to leave SC for years and it hasn't happened. Maybe Saban knows he's in a great place where championships can be won every year, and he wants to settle down and end his career in Tuscaloosa.

He's a great coach, but he's also at a place that allows him to be a great coach. He has blanket support from everyone at Alabama and that's a pretty good situation. All he has to do is keep doing what he does best and what he loves. That's a pretty special situation.