Where's integrity?

The latest Tiger Woods' stories are not good. He apparently had more affairs and they were very deplorable. That's why I ask this question: where is integrity? Can't these famous sports figures just be good people? Rick Pitino, Kobe Bryant and now Tiger Woods can't seem to handle success. The luxuries of money and fame aren't enough; they just want more and they don't know the meaning of the word loyalty .

Peyton Manning can handle it. Roger Staubach and Bill Bradley, though they didn't make near the money that athletes make today, certainly could.They've carved out successful careers after sports. They stayed grounded. Peyton seems like he'll always stay grounded.

Maybe it's just the simple difference between good people and bad people. There are people who were raised with values and there are others who weren't.

There's still a lot good in sports, though some of these guys try to tarnish it with their immature  behavior. Hopefully younger athletes will learn from this and act right.