Some thoughts from the weekend

Here are some general thoughts from the weekend: 1. Alabama should beat Texas in the national championship game. Alabama is a great team and Texas is decent. Only thing that would hold Tide back is overconfidence or a rash of injuries to McElroy, Ingram, Trent, Julio, Ro and Javy in practice. That's not going to happen.

2. Saban loves the word "intangible." Used it three times in one of his post game diatribes. 

3. Mack Brown sounds like a part time tv evangelist a la Ernest Angley: "Say Ba-by!"

4. Nebraska's defense was awesome. Ndamukong Suh, their defensive tackle, is going to make a lot of money in the NFL. If their offense had any fire power, they would have beaten Texas.

5. If C.J. Spiller had been on an 11-1 team, he would be neck and neck with Mark Ingram for the Heisman.

6. Like Mark to be hoisting the trophy next Sat. in NYC.

7. Tim Tebow has so much passion for the game. Felt bad for him yesterday. Hopefully, he'll make it in NFL. I don't ever put anything past him, despite what the critics say about his slow delivery. He's just an amazing competitor. If Vince Young can do it– and he's awesome right now for the Titans–so can Tebow.

8. Great basketball game between Ky and UNC yesterday. Ky, the 68-66 winner, is back with the great Patrick Paterson and some excellent frosh. UNC is very talented as well. If these teams played ten times, they could go 5-5. Both look like Final Four teams

9. Alabama watched Texas' game with Nebraska and probably got some great ideas on how to defend Colt McCoy and the Texas offense. A lot of  defensive backs and a lot of pressure which Saban and Kirby Smart are masters at.

10. Cincinnati is an impressive offensive team. Great win over Pitt, 45-44. It's hard to shut them and TCU out of national championship game. Both are more impressive to me than Texas. Cincy looked great yesterday coming back from a 31-10 deficit. Their coach, Brian Kelly, may be the next coach at Notre Dame. Haven't seen TCU this year, but from what I've read, they're equally impressive. Really better choices than Texas from their resume's. It would be a tough choice between those two to see who would go.