24-9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The President and former president Logan meet and Logan says he's going to talk with the Russian foreign minister on getting the Russians back to the peace table to sign the peace agreement. Logan meets with the Russian foreign minister and tells him he knows what the Russians are up to, the murder of King Hassan, the desire to destroy the peace treaty and their role in trying to set off the dirty bomb in New York. He gives the Russian an ultimatum and tells him he'll tell Taylor (the President) if he doesn't agree to the treaty. Logan leaves with the Russian definitely concerned. Jack is in the hospital with Renee who is now deceased. It's a tough moment. Jack talks to Chloe on the phone and says he's out for justice.

He goes to the courtroom where the Russian mobster, who had the nuclear fuel rods to begin with, is in his hearing for a load of charges including murder and conspiracy to sell nuclear rods. Jack tells him he'll kill his family, that Renee was his family and he will get revenge. The Russian tells him that Dana Walsh will know who has done this to Renee and that the Russian government is involved in destroying the peace process and all that has already gone on. Jack calls Chloe and tells him to get Walsh ready for questioning. Chloe tells Cole to be in the room to make sure Jack doesn't kill Walsh.

Meanwhile, Logan gets a call from the Russians  saying they will go to the table. Logan's assistant tells him that Jack is questioning Walsh for information on this conspiracy to destroy the peace process and all that has gone on. Jack already told Chloe that the Russian government is involved. Logan says they have to stop Bauer.

Logan meets with the President and tells her that the peace must go through, that Jack can destroy it and he must be stopped from interrogating Walsh. He appeals to Taylor reciting  a Julius Caesar soliloquy and hits a cord with Taylor. Ethan, her chief of staff, says this is unacceptable and that they need to find out what the Russians are doing. But the President, being swayed by Logan, says she wants to go to CTU and see Jack.

Jack has already roughed up Walsh and now needs an immunity agreement for her so he can get all the details. He calls for the president but she wants to speak to Chloe. She tells Chloe she is on her way to CTU. She tells Chloe she wants to talk with Jack.

Jack and Taylor meet and she tells him he cannot talk to Walsh and she will not give her an immunity agreement. Jack is in disbelief and says the Russians have committed crimes and must be exposed. She will not relent and tells Jack he will be locked down while the peace process is going on. You can tell Jack has lost a lot of respect for her and when he leaves Chloe's office looks at her in a manner that shows she has betrayed him. He has served her heroically and she has sold out on him.

Taylor leaves and Jack is escorted under guard to a helicopter which will take him to an air force base where he will be held. As the guard is taking Jack to the helicopter, Jack seizes the guard's weapon and tells the other guards he will kill the guard unless he can take the helicopter. Jack gets the helicopter. The CTU men are about to shoot when Chloe tells them to hold their fire. She radios Jack and tells him to set the copter down. Jack is not going to do that. Chloe calls the air force and tells them to intercept the copter. Jack is now on his own in pursuit of his justice for the murder of Renee.

Next week Jack will be on the trail and be followed by CTU and the air force as he tries to exact justice against the Russian government. Six hours left in maybe the most riveting season ever.