The Pacific-Part 6

The Marines try to get across the Peleliu airfield and they are barraged  by Jap artillery fire. There are some pretty brutal scenes. It is a tough show this time. John Sledge of Mobile becomes a battle-hardened Marine. You can feel the fear of the guys as they get ready to cross the airfield. It's like another suicide mission as they are out in the open to be shot at. They are lacking in water, too. There are friends of Sledge and Leckie who are killed or are badly injured. Leckie has to go back from the battle to get a radio. He is knocked off his feet unconscious by an explosive. He is sent to the hospital where he is reunited with one of his friends. They ship off at the end. Leckie is going home .Captain Haldane is a good man; cares about his troops a lot. Tells Sledge they are fighting for the greater cause. All this torture they're going through is worth the fight for freedom. It gives Sledge perspective and motivates him that he's doing the right thing.  It's a tough, powerful show. Looks like the Marines are making some headway, but at a heavy cost in casualties. It's September, 1944.