Gators roll

OK, call me the village idiot on Sat. I went brain dead when I  took a chance and picked Georgia, but the Gators destroyed the Dawgs and their porous defense, their repeated boneheaded penalties and their shoddy sportsmanship.


 Georgia is an average team at best and  below average in the intelligence department. They are petty and got shellacked by a much more poised and potent outfit.


Florida now looks like the team to beat once again. They put it all together on Sat. Tim Tebow, how else can you describe him? Tremendous, terrific, ultra tough; simply the best player in college  football.


Florida and Alabama are on a collision course to meet in Atlanta. Of course, the Tide has to take care of business next week and get their offense going against LSU if they want to move on in the national championship tournament that is the regular season. And Auburn looks a lot better today.


The Tigers were great. Gus Malzahn quieted his critics with his game plan which was superb and run to perfection for the most part. Walter McFadden and Antonio Coleman played like studs on defense, and Ben Tate ran like a gazelle. The Tigers have themselves in a bowl now and want to accomplish bigger things this season including  knocking off the Tide.


It's getting better and better every week.