still highly competitive at top

You know, as good as Florida and Texas looked yesterday, and as good as Alabama has looked for some of the season, it is really hard to count out Boise State, TCU, Cincy and even Oregon, after that they blasted USC last night. I was never a huge proponent of a playoff because I do like the bowl system, but this year there may be too many teams with an argument that they deserve to play for the national title. I know there are three-four games left for these teams, so a lot can happen, but if it were to end today how could you discard any of these four teams? They all can stake a claim. Boise St. did beat Oregon, so they would have a good argument to go over the Ducks, but Cincy has been great and TCU has stayed unblemished. The competition is tougher for Alabama, Florida and Texas probably, but it is tough to keep the others out.