football report-getting interesting

I think you throw Alabama, Florida and Texas in a hat, all three of them could come out as your first pick. It's tight this year. Personally, I think Alabama has the best team, particularly if McElroy gets it together. He has playmakers at wideout and tight end, he just needs to get them the ball. Texas has improved defensively from last year, so they're pretty strong, too. Colt McCoy is a solid quarterback, if not great.

Florida is a little confusing to me. They are loaded no doubt, but haven't clicked on offense this year. Maybe they're so confident that they can win, that no matter how they play, they'll win. The winner of the SEC championship game (in all likelihood Al vs Fl) should play Texas in Pasadena for the national Championship. I know that's not a news breaking item, just my two cents.

Like Mark Ingram for the Heisman right now just over C.J. Spiller of Clemson. Both are exceptional backs. If Alabama runs the table and Ingram keeps averaging 100 yards and scoring td's, he should secure it in Dec.