Big day on the Plains

Auburn needs to get it done today. They have struggled so much offensively, but they have some playmakers, and they're at home, so maybe it's turnaround day for the Tigers. I like Mario Fannin at rb. If he doesn't fumble, he'll be a good compliment to Ben Tate. Auburn needs this game badly.

Florida-Georgia should be good. I think Ga can give them a game. Could almost predict a Ga victory. All right, I'm going to go out on a limb and do it. The way Ga ran all over Vandy a couple of weeks ago, it looks like their offense has arrived.  A.J. Greene is awesome. Could very easily be wrong on this, but you have to take chances. 


Other big game is Tenn-SC. Kind of like Spurrier to get it done, though it'll be tough in Knoxville. Spurrier's defense is so good, so is UT's, for that matter. Look for a 17-14 like game.

Enjoy the games.