Bowl games

Got UCLA right missed out on Wisconsin over Miami. UCLA30, Temple 21

Was so impressed with UCLA's defense in the second half. Akeem Ayers, the UCLA linebacker a redshirt soph, is an absolute stud. Was all over the field and intercepted a Temple pass at the three and took it in for go ahead td. He had done the same thing earlier this year. He just went up and instead of batting it down, he caught it and jogged into the end zone. He is 6'4", 252, an amazing athlete. He could be in the NFL next year, though I wish he'd come back for one more year of college ball.

Wisconsin 20, Miami 14

Wisconsin just outplayed Miami in their 20-14 victory. They were passing over the middle all night and blitzing Jacory Harris who was made ineffective most of the night. Harris had some injuries, but you have to hand it to Wisconsin; they took it to the Canes.

Little under the weather today; I will be off the rest of the day. Back tomorrow with more though.

Here are my picks for tonight:

Bowling Green over Idaho. Don't know anything about either team, just think Bowling Green will be more physical.

Arizona over Nebraska: This is a tough call. Neb has that great defense, but not much offense. Arizona has a good offense and just enough defense. Could be wrong on this one, but gotta take a shot.

Just going with the PAC 10. I like the Pac 10 and the SEC as the best conferences in football with the SEC getting the edge due to defense.

Bowl record: 3-4