More on Leach

Just can't get off this subject. A lot of people in the media have already prosecuted Leach, and I don't think they have all the facts. I know concussions are serious business these days with all the talk of former pro football players having all kinds of mental problems from the effects of concussions. My point is: why is Leach so vehemently fighting this if he really thinks he did something wrong? I think there should be some consideration to the fact that Texas Tech was looking for something to fire Leach for because of the heated negotiations in his contract last year. They were displeased with an 8-4 campaign, though I think that's pretty good considering this was a rebuilding year for Tech after losing their star qb and wr.

At some point these kids need to toughen up. There are plenty of tough football players out there in all ranks, but I also think there are more kids now who complain because they've been so entitled their whole lives. There is too much sensitivity with these kids. The coach is the boss; you've just got to live with his decisions sometimes.

Parents are too involved now, too. They need to just let the coach do his job and not get so overly involved. In other words, they need to concentrate on how they're performing in their own jobs and not be so concerned with microanalyzing their coach.

I don't have all the facts of this case, but in my opinion, I think this is a cry baby kid and his cry baby father taking it out on the coach because the kid didn't  get to play enough.