It's getting bad

Blazers lose again at home and AU loses another one in overtime on the road. Auburn's game was actually pretty interesting, but they come close yet don't get it done at the end. The Blazers look like they're headed to the NIT. They have actually digressed in two months. They were a better team in Dec and early Jan than they are now. They got behind by too much and couldn't make it back. Auburn is trying, they just can't seem to get it done under Jeff Lebo. He seems like a good guy and knowledgeable about the game, but it's been six years and they haven't been to the tourney yet. They may not go anywhere this year. Mike Davis was a great scorer as a player and is supposed to be an offensive coach, but his team plays very ugly basketball.I don't see UAB practice, but he needs to have them shooting shot after shot in practice. It's just basic fundamentals. They can't shoot.

At least Anthony Grant and the Tide won today. Basketball in this state is pretty awful this year.