I think Vandy by far is the most impressive team to watch in the SEC. They can actually shoot the ball. I know Kentucky has the three freshmen and they're good sometimes, but they are an ugly basketball team. They just seem to be getting by. Vandy plays interesting basketball, and by that I mean they can dribble, shoot, play solid defense without mugging players, and play a team game. It's like the teams that play in the ACC (particularly UNC-when they're good, and Duke). They just play the game the right way. Vandy beat LSU, 77-69, in a tougher than expected contest. Vandy was missing a starter and their second best shooter, but LSU played hard. Lance Goulbourne, a talented player who hasn't had as many opportunities to shine, played well scoring 18. Jermaine Beal was as solid as usual, scoring 17. Tasmin Mitchell is an excellent player for LSU and will play in the NBA.

Vandy is a better team than Kentucky in my opinion. Kentucky has the athletes, but Vandy has the better basketball players. They may not beat them because Kentucky plays tenacious defense, I will say that, but they just don't look to me like a national championship team. They just don't have the chemistry. Vandy can beat Ky at Vandy. They play them next Saturday on ESPN at 5 p.m. Vandy has to play Ole Miss on the road on Thursday Night which makes the Kentucky game that much harder; Ole Miss is pretty good. But based on pure talent, I like Vandy over Kentucky if they can get Andre Walker and John Jenkins back. Still kind of like'em without those two guys.

Vandy's main weakness is A.J. Ogilvy who fails to show up oftentimes. He just isn't very tough, and that could hurt them. The other guys play hard though and they're good basketball players. They play the game the right way. Ogilvy doesn't impress me and will not make it in the NBA. Heck, he's not that good in college.