I read this morning where the NCAA is thinking about forming regional ref crews to call the games. That's a pretty good idea. I would think they would have to make sure it's cost effective. Having referees from different areas of the country working together on an SEC game, for instance, could be costly in air travel and expenses for either the NCAA or the conference that is hosting the game. But something needs to be done.  Another idea would be for some extra training in the summer. Then have the refs take a lie detector test on whether  they are biased towards a certain team whose home state they live in or have resided in.

I'm tired of the refs' mistakes this season. Some people say refs' mistakes always happen, but I don't buy that in the SEC this year. I think there have been more missed calls this year than ever, and some blatant ones at that. These guys need to be trained and prepared for their jobs, and their integrity needs to be examined. If they don't want to go through the process, they can get out of the profession.

I'm tired of them ruining games. Major mistakes were made in the Florida-Arkansas, Ms. State-Fl, Vandy-SC and Al-LSU games that affected the outcome of those games. That should not be tolerated, and they should be held accountable and given a chance to shape up or ship out.