Rajaan Bennett

What a devastating loss. This was a great kid, whom Vandy signed in football, who was a model young man and who took care of his family with no father around. The whole family looked up to him, his mother, his brother and his sisters. He was the man of the house and deserved a shot at a good life. If you don't know this, Vanderbilt football signee Rajaan Bennett was killed last night in a murder-suicide by his mother's ex-boyfriend. Bennett was a four-star running back out of Powder Springs, Georgia with a great future in the game, and, beyond that, he was an unbelievable kid according to his high school coach and Vanderbilt football coach Bobby Johnson. He had a chance to make a lot of himself; he had worked hard in high school to do that. But it was all taken away from him by some loser, who couldn't make anything of himself. It's very saddening to me as a Vandy grad and as a human being that a young guy can just be gone like that because of some reckless behavior by an adult. Really tough to understand. He had so much to offer. Prayers go out to the family.