Kansas blasts Missouri; Still not a runaway favorite in tournament by any means

The Jayhawks should be No.1 this coming week after dominating Mizzou, 77-56. KU moved to 29-2, 15-1. Mizzou falls to 22-9, 10-6. KU has a No.1 seed pretty much locked up. Syracuse lost, so the Jayhawks will move up to No.1. They looked like the team everybody has been saying they would be yesterday. They did have 19 turnovers which is a lot. I think there are a few flaws in every team this year. Still like the Big East teams to do very well in the NCAA's, but Kansas could very well be a Final Four team. Their starting five is pretty solid. Xavier Henry may be every bit as good as Ky's John Wall though he only had seven points yesterday. Sheron Collins is a powerful player and leader for the team at point guard. Cole Aldrich is a powerful player down low. Marcus Morris and Tyshawn Taylor are solid players.

I'm not on the bandwagon that says Kansas is going to win it all, but there is no doubt they are one of the major players in the quest for the Final Four. There are many teams that can make it there and Kansas is one of the four favorites as a probable number one seed unless something improbable happens in the BIg 12 tourney. If they lost in the first round of the tourney it could be interesting, but that's, in all likelihood, not going to happen.

I think Syracuse, West Virginia, Louisville, 'Nova, Gtown, Pitt all have very good teams. Notre Dame could be a darkhorse. If Gtown has Austin Freeman full speed, they are dangerous; and playing yesterday, despite his diabetes diagnosis, he scored 24 in a big win over Cincy. Any one of them can beat Kansas. Plus there's Kentucky, Vandy, Tennessee, Ohio State, Purdue, if they can somehow survive the loss of Robbie Hummel. Michigan State gets it done in March. Wisconsin is another team that plays rugged D and can shoot. Illinois if they can make it is a quality team. Duke looks great, they have the inside and the big three of John Scheyer, Kyle Singler. and Nolan Smith who can all light it up from the outside. They've got it all and one of the best college coaches in history on the sideline in Coach K. Maryland, Gonzaga, New Mexico, Baylor, Texas A&M and BYU could do some damage. Xavier is a very good team.

That's 24 teams that can win it all. There is no slouch in the bunch. Want to see the tournaments next week before filling out a definitive bracket. This should be a classic tourney. There is no one team that looks like they'll dominate the tournament like UNC did last year. There are a lot of very good teams that all have a shot. I don't put Kansas ahead of these other teams. They're just as good.