DeMarcus Cousins

Kevin Scarbinsky's column about Cousins this morning in The News has some merit, but I tend to agree with the camp at ESPN that says he's basically a powder keg ready to explode. One guy said he's a criminal. Well he hasn't committed a crime that I know of, just seems like he's capable. He's a great player and I'm sure he hasn't totally matured yet as Scarbinsky writes, but he seems closer to Allen Iverson than he does Grant Hill. Does look like a thug, too, no doubt. We'll see how the season plays out and then in the NBA when he'll have more money than he'll know what to do with. He just seems like he's ready to go ballistic any minute. There is plenty of  basketball left for Kentucky and more time for some bad behavior.

The guy just has this anger written all over his face. He doesn't look like he has any fun and nothing would make him happier than beating another player up. He's a shaky character in my book and someone who looks ready to explode on a moment's notice despite the claim that he's just not matured yet. To me he looks like a grown man and acts like it. I don't know how much more he can mature. Maybe he can. He certainly needs to change his attitude.