Billy Scott eats, drinks and breathes golf. The young Californian’s goal in life is to play on the PGA Tour and make it big; that means winning big on the weekly tour and also winning Majors."

- A Stroke of Genius, Chapter 1

His attempt at winning the 2007 U.S. Amateur is foiled by a fierce competitor, and his dream is temporarily derailed. Could that be his fait accompli?

This is a tale of a young aspiring golfer who is totally honed in on his golf goals and will do everything to achieve them. It’s a story of his life, his upbringing and the close bonds he has with his father and his grandfather, who are key inspirations in his quest for greatness.

In A Stroke of Genius, David H. White guides you through this young man’s journey, his life, his personal relationships—including a very romantic one. This is Billy Scott’s attempt to be a champion at golf which, consequently, could lead him to be a champion at life.

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A Stroke of Genius by David H. White, Jr.

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