Anchor Drop No. 13 is in

Maxwell Worship, a 6'2" 185 pound, 5.6 (Rivals) and 85 (247) 3 star safety, has committed to Coach Mason and our football program! 

Maxwell is from Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL. a powerhouse in high school football in the Sunshine state. Maxwell joins incoming freshmen corner Randall Haynie and wide receiver James Bostic as Cardinal Gibbons products. Really like this south Florida pipeline. Awesome players come out of that area. Some of the best in the country.

Watched Maxwell's tape. Super stuff. Maxwell lays serious wood, and creates and gets turnovers. I saw Max take a 25 yard int back to the house, and he had another really nice pick over the middle. I saw him force 2 fumbles on perfect form, physical tackles to the midsection of a running back. He is some kind of sure tackler and turnover creator. We're getting a fantastic player.

Maxwell moves our class up to 26 in the 247 rankings, and 4th in the SEC by that recruiting service, one spot ahead of Kentucky, which we were behind in the rankings before the Worship commit. We are now 27th on the Rivals rankings. Kentucky is just ahead of us at 25, so we could move ahead of them with another anchor drop.

Really liking this class. And I really like our 2017 team. Will get more into this year's squad as the summer progresses.

Football players in shooting

I guess most of you know by now about the shooting in Nashville that injured defensive backs Frank Coppet and Tae Daley, and involved wide receiver Donoven Tennyson. It stemmed from Donaven having his cell phone stolen, and as the 3 guys were trying to retrieve it, Frank and Tae were shot. Very fortunately, the injuries weren't critical. Chris Lee of Vandy Rivals posted this morning that there is more information that sheds a more positive light on our players. Donaven put his cell phone up for sale online, met the guys whom he was selling it to, and the other guys stole it. Donaven called the guys to meet them and took Frank and Tae with him in trying to get the phone back. The boys had a pellet gun with them. The other guys had a shotgun and a pistol and shot at our players.

That's what I know right now. More information will come out. It was a bad decision by Donaven to sell the phone online in the first place, and it was  terrible decision by the 3 to meet those dangerous guys with a pellet gun and try to get the phone back. Hopefully they and the entire team will learn from this. There will most likely be disciplinary actions by Coach Mason and the school, which is necessary. Just want these guys to get healthy and get their act together. They can't be out there risking their lives for a phone. Donaven needs a phone. Not sure why he was selling it in the first place. Maybe he wanted to buy another.  They are all 3 good kids and talented players. They just made a terribly unwise decision. It could have cost them their lives. I hope the whole team learns from this and stays clear of ANY potentially dangerous situations. 

The commit of Maxwell is outstanding, so that's the great news. The players who were involved in the incident will need to take their medicine once Frank and Tae are healthy.