Top 4 seeds

Here are my top four seeds right now: 1.Kentucky 2. Kansas 3. Syracuse 4. Purdue.

Still in the hunt for it: Villanova and Duke.

I really like the way Duke is playing now. Looks like it could be seven or eight teams from the Big East, Nine may be a stretch, but in that league, with teams like Notre Dame, UConn (who, in my opinion, if they keep it up should definitely be in) and South Florida on the brink, it's possible. Villanova, Syracuse, Gtown, Louisville, West Virginia, Pitt and Marquette should be in if they do ok the rest of the way. Two other teams in the hunt are Seton Hall and Cincy.

In the SEC, Ky and Vandy are locks. Tennessee is pretty good right now, but have a big game with Florida. They still have a little work left. Florida is fighting for it, and Ole Miss and State are hanging on. They have a good bit of work left.