Andre Agassi

 I read a Sports Illustrated excerpt of his book, Open, and it was very depressing. Not really uplifting reading. One of the other players on the tour, Marat Safin, says Agassi should give up his earnings, his titles and his Grand Slam titles for taking crystal meth and lying about it. Reading a segment of Agassi's book, it's obvious he was tormented by a certifiable psychotic father. That doesn't excuse his use of crystal meth and his lying to the Tour about it, but it shows how much of a grind his young life was, and that tennis became a hassle for him. The father was terrible and was a major reason for Agassi's unhappiness.

Not going to read the book, and really not sure what kind of punishment Agassi should get; it's been 12 years since the incident and lying happened, so maybe just move on. He went through a lot in his youth and that shaped him to be the rebel that he was. He seems to have turned his life around now and is living a decent, respectful life.