saints-modern day "Air Coryell"

The New Orleans Saints are the greatest show on turf right now. They are the most exciting team since the San Diego Chargers of the early 1980's, the "Air Coryell" years.  Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow and company dazzled fans with their explosive offense and Drew Brees is doing that today. Monday Night's 38-17 win over the Patriots was a further example of how this Saints team is lighting up the league and is the most fun team in football to watch. Brees had a perfect passer rating of 158.3 last night. Perfect. He was 18-23 for 371 yards and five touchdowns. He threw a beautiful 75-yard td pass to Devery Henderson, a 68-yard completion to Marques Colston and a 38-yard td to Robert Meachem. It was an offensive spectacle.

If you haven't seen the Saints play, you're missing a treat. They've got a pretty good defense this year too, so the tools are in place to make a deep run and win New Orleans' first Super Bowl. They'll have to go through Minnesota for one to get there, and Dallas possibly the Giants and Arizona among others, along with the AFC elites, so it won't be easy. But it's a treat watching these guys play offense. They're the most exciting team in sports. You gotta see them.