Well, there's controversy again with the Alabama-LSU call. These guys can't get a break, but at the same time, they can't get it right. Saban had a point that it's a part time job and they shouldn't be scrutinized like this. Of course,  he has no gripe with the refs because everything has gone his way, so it's easy for him to say that.

I think they should be held to a standard; there have been too many mistakes this year. Maybe they need to train harder in the off season, but something has got to change. The problem is when the replay official can't get it right when he has time to get it right and sees  the different angles that the tv coverage gets, then something is amiss.

They need to figure this out because there have been some teams robbed this year by poor officiating. I think these guys do fine for the most part, but this year has been a bad year for bad calls. They need to get together (the refs) with Slive and focus on getting things right. The coaches are the ones whose jobs are on the line, so a game taken away from them is on them. The officials don't suffer the consequences.

I'm not totally sure of the answer, but getting together with the commish and trying to talk it out may be a start to better officiating at crunch time.