Phils look unstoppable

The Phils looked like a machine last night. Cliff Lee was the dominant pitcher last night, not Sabathia. Lee struck out 10 and allowed an unearned run in a complete game six-hitter. I know I picked the Yankees, but it was a tough call, I knew the Phillies were capable, and now they've got some serious momentum with Pedro going against A. J. Burnett tonight. Pedro's a gamer and Burnett has struggled somewhat in the playoffs. If the Yankees want to win the world championship, they have to win tonight. If the Phils go up 2-0 and go back to Phlly for three, then it could be over.  

If you want to see the perfect baseball player, watch Chase Utley. He doesn't put up huge numbers like Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard. He puts up great numbers though, and is the consummate baseball player. He hit two home runs off Sabathia, a lefty. Utley bats left-handed. He is the heart and soul of the Phillies team. There are some great players on this team, but Utley is their leader.

The Phils are looking tough going into game two, almost unstoppable.