Lakers-Suns, game 3

I want to pick the Suns, I really do. But they just seem overmatched right now. They just have no answers defensively for Kobe, Gasol and the rest of that talented arsenal. I picked the Suns in six and I think they have a shot tonight at home. They've just got to play better defense. It's going to be hard. The Suns have to get back to the way they played against the Spurs. I just don't know if Amar'e and Robin Lopez can stop the inside game. Gasol, Bynum and Odom are having their way, and Ron Artest has woken up. They've got studs off the bench in Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown. It may be just too much for the Suns to handle. I'll go ahead and pick the Suns because I have to; I picked them in the series. It's going to be hard tonight though. Nash and Stoudemire need to score, distribute and rebound and the Suns need to hit the boards hard as a team and shoot the three well. Suns 112-108. (Steve Nash on left)