Woods press conference

He was smooth as usual, but still don't believe him totally. Who does? I guess he's getting this out of the way so he can play golf. I would like to not worry about it right now either and concentrate on golf and the whole field. There are a lot of great golfers in the field but Woods definitely makes it more interesting. Below is an article where he lied about something in his kindergarten days. There are also the rumors about performance enhancing drugs and him with this doctor who was recently arrested in Canada for selling PEDs. He had done some blood transfusions on Tiger to help with Woods' injuries. Woods has been deceitful for years, so you don't know what to believe that comes out of his mouth. Maybe he's trying to be a better guy, it's just hard to believe he's sincere with all he's done. Can he change? I don't know how much people can fundamentally change themselves. He talks a good game. He also talked about his sponsors and how important they were and he sounded very concerned about them. That makes you wonder if all of this is about getting his sponsors back. Does he really care about what Elin thinks? Is that a concern of his? To him it's about winning the golf tournament–which is not unusual, every competitor wants to do that–and getting this out of the way. The golf will be fun. I just don't know what I'll think about him when he's on the course. I think it might be awkward for the gallery to really cheer for him if he's doing well. This behavior is hard to overlook. People forgave A-Rod but people don't really like him. It's hard to really like Tiger Woods. He's just messed up his whole family. He's a great competitor and he's a fun golfer to watch. Can he win? I still say he has a chance. But he's got a long way to go in his personal life. That won't change for a while if ever. Woods: