Woods coming back

Everybody is talking about how he'll do at the Masters. Skip Bayless and Jalen Rose on ESPN's First Take don't think he'll win at Augusta.  I would give him about a 30 percent chance of winning and only because of his talent. I thought there was no way he was going to win the U.S. Open two years ago at Torrey Pines because of his torn up knee and he hadn't played much if at all if I remember correctly (he had an eight week layoff before Torrey Pines). I just didn't think that was humanly possible. A lot of people thought that. Bayless and Rose point to the fact that there is no warmup to the Masters. He had an opportunity to play at Bay Hill in a week and a half and he passed that up. But I give him a 30 percent chance because he is the most physically  talented player in golf history. I wouldn't call him the best yet because he hasn't broken Jack's record, but if he can get his act together he has a chance. So I give him a shot at Augusta; not a great shot, but a shot.

But the bigger issue to me is why everyone is just talking about his golf right now and not his morals. He still has a lot of questions to answer about his "sex problem" which I think he needs to rectify with the American public and, more importantly, with Elin. I still don't know if he's changed from the selfish, immature guy he's been for a long time. I think he needs to repair himself and be a good husband and father before anything else. He needs to prove that first before we worry about his golf game. Maybe he's done that so far. I still think he's got a lot of work left.

He is fun to watch, I admit, I'm looking forward to the Masters as a lot of us are, but there's still that disingenuous nature about him as a person. Is he a good person? He is a role model for kids. Is he going to do the right thing now? That remains to be seen. I hope so for his wife and kids. I hope he's changed.