Tiger Woods, one last time

I can't forgive the guy. Even when he excels on the golf course–if that happens again–I can't forget what he's done to his wife. It's shameful. The guy had the world by the horns, and he couldn't handle it. Hanging around Michael Jordan didn't help, but he made his own decisions. He's just not the guy I thought he was. I don't think he can ever win back the public's appreciation of his golf skills after what he's done.  I've always thought he was arrogant, didn't like the cussing on the course and the bad sportsmanship. But he was so good and seemed pretty gracious in victory that I was coming around. But that's in the past. I think the guy is a massive jerk and will never win back fans,  no matter what he does on the golf course. He's just a pig in my mind. Another spoiled athlete who can't handle success.