Tiger Woods

A writer for FanHouse.com wrote that he can't understand why Tiger Woods is not suspended from the PGA Tour. I agree with him. The guy picked up numerous call girls and whatever else he could get his hands on cheating on his wife repeatedly and really defamed the game and, more importantly, his family. I think a suspension is appropriate. The guys' article makes sense. The more I think about Tiger's apology last Friday, the less sympathetic I am. He's just trying to win back his sponsors. I'm now not convinced he was sincere. He's got a long way to go that's for sure. For once, the PGA needs to stand up against him and suspend him. They just can't seem to stand up to him. It shows a lack of integrity on their part. They need to show some courage.

I don't know if they're capable and all these suckups on TV will be pulling for Tiger to make it back and excuse him without any consequences. All except Johnny Miller. I did feel some empathy for Tiger last Friday, but what he's done is really inexcusable and an embarrassment to the game. He needs to pay the price with the PGA. They need to step up and do the right thing and show that one guy is not bigger than the game, especially if he acts like Woods did.