This Masters-Phil's day

This year's Masters was not about Tiger and his dalliances with women, it was more about Phil, Amy, his mom and his kids. It was about family as the New York Times wrote. Rather than talk about Woods and his failings with fidelity, it's more appropriate to talk about Mickelson and his dedication to his family and a special victory for them. It was a beautiful thing to watch, his embraces with Amy and the kids afterward. As moving as it gets in sports. I've linked a New York Times article that talks about the final round and Mickelson's conquering of Augusta on Sunday. There were some outstanding players that finished just behind him in Lee Westwood, AK, and K.J, along with the infidel. It was so enjoyable to watch. I loved how the players went low on Sunday, at least some of them did. It is a lot more fun to watch the players making birdies and some eagles than just surviving out there. I guess because the course was so dry, the players were getting a lot more length and had eight irons and nine irons on their second shots on the par fours and shorter shots on the par fives. AK seven under on the final day (65). He's going to get a green jacket maybe more than one before he turns 30. He's 24. Phil: