Phil's gamble on 13

Won the tourney for him. A 205-yard second shot on the par-five through the trees over the lake that landed four feet from the hole. Thought the golf gods were against him when a piece of pollen was blown right in his line when he putted for birdie on number two and threw what looked like a perfect putt off line. It looked again like Phil might not get a break. But he took the chance on 13, a very risky chance, and made it. I'm just wondering what Tiger would have done in the same situation with the lead like Phil had. Would he have gone for it? That's a tough call. He's a go for it player, but he's also very judicious about his decisions. If he had been in that predicament with the long layoff he had, I bet he would have laid up. He probably would have won the green jacket if he had and Phil probably would have won the jacket if he had. It was a high risk, high reward shot. He didn't make the putt, but that birdie along with the one on 12, which was pivotal and got him the lead, clinched the tourney for Mickelson.