Nothing's changed

Tiger Woods didn't change my opinion of him from his ESPN interview tonight. It wasn't much. He admitted the mistakes like he did a while ago, but the most interesting thing to me was when he was asked what kind of reception he would receive at the Masters. He said he hoped for a few claps especially if he was making some birdees. All the guy cares about is himself. He isn't worried about Elin or his mother. He just wants to win golf tournaments and be treated like royalty. He doesn't care what his wife thinks, his kids think (though they're probably too young), his friends (if they really like him) or the fans. He just wants to win and have sex with a lot of women. He's no Hogan, Nicklaus or Watson. He's just this immature, amoral guy who's great at golf. Is he the greatest of all time? I can't answer that yet. He is such a fraud, it's hard to think of him in a golf realm right now.