Epic Victory

Happy for Phil, very happy for him and Amy. He played great golf today. AK was one of my top three picks to win it; shot 65 on Sunday to finish -12, good for third. Phil in my top 10 picks earlier in the week. Shots on 12 and 13 were pivotal (both led to birdies-huge putt on 12 from 12 feet and then the huge shot on 13 that led to birdie)and he just hung tough with a big par on 17 and a champion's birdie on 18. Phil's been so close so many times and with the year he and his family have had, this is much deserving. Maybe it's a sign of more to come this season. He's got all the shots. If he putts well, he can win anywhere, any time. Tiger played better than I thought he would quite honestly. There was a little rust there as some of his shots (particularly drives) were off. He putted OK. Still grinded out a -10. But it was Phil's day and Phil's tournament. Great championship. Great champion.