doing the right thing all of the time

Tiger Woods is an example of a generation–at least some of them–who have never been told no, and thus, have no accountability. He thinks he's the show; that everything is all about him. You can call it immaturity, selfishness, but really it's a lack of integrity. When you get married, you make a vow to your wife to be faithful for life. You need to take that seriously when you say that in front of a preacher and in church. That may be his problem. He doesn't even conceive of any spirituality. I think you need some religion in your life to be a good person. I promise I'm not proselytizing about God, but most people who are good people believe in God.

His only focus is himself, not his wife, maybe his kids occasionally, but 95 percent of the time it's about him.. My uncle told me one time that he had a football coach at Ramsay High School here in Bham who, "tried to do the right thing all the time." Now that's refreshing. Tiger Woods and other people his age need to hear that. But it may fall on deaf ears. They have all the answers and it's not the way to live.