Why are these pros–most of them anyway–afraid to call the scumbag out? I saw where Jack Nicklaus would not comment on it. Come on Jack, you're a family man, you were faithful to your wife through all the years, why don't you say this guy is a low life? It's time to take a stand for people who care about doing the right thing. Many in the  sports media won't take a stand either. Rick Reilly was trying to find a way for Woods to get back in good graces in his latest column. Yeah, that's what we want, let's make sure Tiger is ok. Let's preserve his fake image. Let's take care of Tiger while he has put his wife through insufferable harm. Personally, I don't know why she hasn't left the guy yet. I'm sure it's about a money deal he and his staff have arranged, so maybe she has no choice.

But we don't want to hurt his feelings after he just devastated his wife's and is embarrassing his young children even though they don't know it yet. The guy deserves no pity, none. Some of these golfers need to stand up and say the guy is a piece of dirt. He needs to be called out by these guys. There needs to be no more excuses for him. They need to show some courage and stand up for what is right.