The Pacific-the miniseries on HBO

Looks like it's going to be great. These Marines were amazingly heroic as all of the soldiers who fought in World War II were. Looks like a classic sequel to Band of Brothers, the memorable and powerful HBO miniseries about an army regiment in Europe from D-Day on. It came out in 2001 right after 9/11. It starts at Guadalcanal, a small island–part of the Solomon Islands. It seems kind of harmless at first. The Marines are all gung ho about killing Japs and they're ready  to  get some action. There is no action at first.

There's some deep scenes at the beginning as a son leaves his father. His father doesn't show his emotions, but he is sad his son is leaving you can tell. The father acts like he's repairing an axel on his car as his son is telling him goodbye. There is power to that scene; you can feel the emotion of a father's fears of losing his son. There's a guy who meets a girl outside of a church. He likes her a lot. You can see the energy he has for her. He tells her he'll write her and she says, "All right." There was not a lot of emotion on her part, but you could tell there was something there.

The most interesting scenes involved the Captain of the regiment who seemed fearless and ready to kill a lot of Japs. He was ranting and roaring about killing as many as possible as the Marines prepared to get on their armored boats to head inland to the island. He had them all fired up. He was courage personified.

When combat started, he got in a foxhole and started shaking. It was unbelievable. A guy who seemed so strong and gung-ho became afraid and wimpy. War is tough and the fear of getting killed overcame him. He was relieved of his duty.

The regiment of Marines is fighting all alone on the island. They defeat the Japs in the first confrontation, and kill a lot of them. The battle occurred at night. The next day the guys are looking over all the dead bodies. One is still alive and two Marines go over to look at him to maybe assist him. He gives out a battle cry and stabs one of them and blows himself and them up with a grenade. In one of the final scenes a Jap is across the pond and is alive. He is screaming at the Americans acting crazy but unafraid and moving towards the Marines. He takes a lot of bullets before they kill him. One of the Marines looks in his coat and finds a photo of the Japs' wife and child and  then finds a doll. There's a human side to it, too.

Finally another regiment arrives and they give each other a hard time as the next regiment sees the featured regiment looking pretty haggard and beaten up. They know there is danger ahead.

Like any good book or movie, the human side is the most interesting part about it.

Second episode is  Sunday at 8 p.m. on HBO.