The Pacific-Part 7-Peleliu Hills

The Marines have crossed the airfield at Peleliu, but now have to face the Japs in the Umurbrogol Hills. It is intense warfare, the most intense I've seen so far. Many are killed, the war-hardened Sargeant Haney breaks down and has to go back to the base. Good friends of Sledge are killed. It is tough to take. The beloved Captain is killed by a sniper. Sledge is almost losing it at the end as they get bombarded mercilessly by the Japs. He tries to cut teeth out from one of the Japs for gold in the Japs' tooth, but "Snafu" talks him out of it because of germs. It's a very sad moment when the captain dies. He was good to all the men, a courageous and kind leader. The men openly weep when he goes by on the stretcher. They finally get off the hills of Peleliu and head back to Pavuvu where they can get a little rest and relaxation. The last scene shows Sledge getting in the water with the other Marines.

Part 7: