Play-By-Play, color guys, studio guys- College football

These are in no particular order; like the NFL wasn't.


Play-By-Play: 1. Sean McDonough-ABC/ESPN:

This may come as a surprise, but he's my favorite. Doesn't get the No.1 game usually, but gets a lot of air time with college football and basketball. Has great enthusiasm for the game and calls a perfect game. He's the son of the late former sportswriter Will McDonough of the Boston Globe. Will McDonough was a great reporter. Was the first one to break the story that Ray Perkins was leaving Alabama for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Told his son to get into broadcasting not writing. Said writing was a grind and not as fun. Both are great careers, though TV is a blast. Sean does a great job. Good sense of humor, too.

2. Brent Musburger-ABC:

Brent is a wily veteran who makes it pretty fun. He can get a little nerdly at times, like when he said in an Ohio State Fiesta Bowl game one time when they started out fast and were winning by two tds (not sure who opponent was-some team from the Pac 10): "This is a Buckeye Butt-Kicking." 

One of my favorite all-time lines in sports happened when Brent was interviewing Mike Tyson after Tyson had knocked out Michael Spinks in the first round of a 1988 heavyweight championship fight. Tyson responded to a Musburger question about the fight with: "Burnt, I just controlled the fight from the opening bell. I wath awethome."

I need to apologize to the guys I told to go to the fight with me at Verizon Wireless. I told them it was going to be a great fight. Was a major dud. Waste of 30 bucks.

Burnt is a good play-by-play guy and adds good color to the game.

3. Verne Lundquist-CBS:

Not my favorite. Needs to lose about 60-80 pounds. Makes mistakes sometimes. He's OK.

4. Mike Patrick-ESPN:

Not one of my favorites, either. Can dork you out particularly when he said in the heat of the overtime game between Alabama and Georgia in 2007: "I wonder what Brittany is doing right now." 

5. Dave Neal-ESPN/ SEC Network:

Like Dave a lot. Think he does a great job with SEC football. Knows the teams and the players, and very interested and enthusiastic about the conference. Dave's a good one.

6. Brad Nessler-ABC/ESPN:

Pretty good. Works with a great color guy in Todd Blackledge and holds his own. Pretty good play-by-play guy, though I don't agree with all his opinions on the air.

Color analysts:

1. Todd Blackledge-ESPN:

Simply the best. Love his demeanor; seems like a great guy. Keeps it interesting and fun. Very knowledgeable and always positive. Like his "Taste of the Town" segment during games where he goes to a restaurant the night before or the day of the game in the town he's calling the game at and describes the kind of food the restaurant has. Done it at Alabama and Auburn a couple of times. I know he was at Dreamland once. Todd's awesome.

2. Kirk Herbstreit-ABC/ESPN:

Herbie is a great one, too. He's extremely knowledgeable, fun and interesting. He's all over the place. Herbie's the man.

3. Andre Ware-ESPN/SEC Network:

Thought Andre did an awesome job his first year on the SEC Network. He's knowledgeable, interesting and seems like a very nice guy. Andre's a good one.

4. Gary Danielson-CBS:

My least favorite. He's pretty knowledgeable, but his voice and his accent are annoying. He and Lundquist are the weakest team of the college football duos.

5. Bob Davie-ESPN:

He's gotten better and better over the years. I like him now. He's knowledgeable and pleasant. I like Bob.


Studio guys:

1. Tim Brando-CBS:

Timmy B  kind of dorks me out. He says coaches are getting fired before that happens, which I think is pretty irresponsible. He likes to be the center of attention. Timmy B is not my favorite.

2. Reece Davis-ESPN:

Reece is outstanding in my opinion. Leads Lou Holtz and Mark May well and makes them look good. He's funny and knowledgeable and not offensive. Reece is my favorite.

3. John Saunders-ABC/ESPN:

Kind of nondescript. Really doesn't add a lot of value. He's fine. Decent enabler of analysts. 

4. Charles Davis-Fox:

I really like Charles. Great analysis of games and of the BCS standings. He picked Oklahoma to edge ahead of Texas and go to the National Championship game last year before it happened. Charles is fun and interesting. Seems to love what he does.

5. Craig James-ABC/ESPN:

Craig also loves what he does. He's not always right like all of us who predict, but he has enthusiasm and passion for the game. He's good.

6. Spencer Tillman-CBS:

He's fine. I've usually got him muted. When he's analyzing, he's juking and jiving like he's playing running back. Passable.

7. Tony Barnhart-CBS:

Good writer for Atlanta Journal/Constitution. Kind of boring on TV.

8. Archie Manning-CBS:

Great guy, always knowledgeable. Maybe the best bloodlines in football ever. Love the guy. Wish he was on more. Missed the pick on SEC champ game though. Picked Florida.

9.Doug Flutie-ABC/ESPN:

Not as enthusiastic as Craig James is, but does a solid job. Great college football player, no doubt. Enjoy Doug.

10. Mark May-ESPN:

Like Mark. Think he does a fine job. Not always right, but is pleasant and knows the game fairly well for an offensive lineman.

11. Lou Holtz-ESPN:

Talks kind of funny, but likeable and takes up for the coaches which I like. Lou does a good job. He and Mark are pretty funny together.

 Back tomorrow with more sports.