Play-by-Play, color commentators; NFL

Wanted to give you my analysis of the football play-by-play and color guys whom I watch and listen to starting with the NFL. NFL Play-By-Play:

1. Joe Buck-Fox:

Joe is kind of a perfect guy. His calls are crisp and he works a lot of big events: the  Super Bowl when Fox has it, the World Series and the NFL playoffs. He's very professional and works well with Troy Aikman. Sometimes I disagree with his opinions, but overall, he is a polished professional.

2.Al Michaels-NBC:

The cagey veteran. "Do you believe in miracles-Yes!" will always resonate with me. Al's call of the USA's win over the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics hockey gold medal game is one of the greatest calls ever. Like him on Sunday Night Football. Like Buck, I sometimes think Al goes a little negative, but overall, is one of the best.

3. Jim Nantz-CBS:

This guy makes seven mil a year. That's pretty nice. Jim does major events: the Final Four, the Masters, and the Super Bowl when it's on CBS. Jim is thorough and doesn't miss a thing. Had a sad divorce from his wife of 26 years. Like Jim's work. He can be a little too perfect at times, but he's polished and very professional, and makes the Masters and Final Four extremely exciting. Can really create drama.

4.Mike Tirico-ESPN/ABC:

Mike's very smart and doesn't miss a thing. He's a Syracuse grad, the best broadcasting school in the country. Almost too much of a perfectionist, but he's excellent overall. Great on Monday Night football and the British Open, though he does suck up to Tiger. On a play this past Monday Night where it was ruled Larry Fitzgerald did not catch a deep ball that would have resulted in a touchdown, the ESPN cameras reviewed it several times and Jon Gruden said it was a catch. Fitzgerald came down with the ball between two defenders with possession of the ball and had it until he was on the ground in the end zone, but once he hit the ground it came out, but clearly he had possession of the ball for a while even for a second on the ground. The refs should have gone against the grain and called it a catch because it was. I agreed with Gruden and thought it was a catch. Tirico used this rule that stated it was not a catch because he didn't have possession when he hit the ground. I didn't agree with Tirico's interpretation, I thought he did have possession long enough, though the refs ruled it an incomplete pass. I think Tirico and the refs missed it. 

NFL Color Commentators:

1. Cris Collinsworth-NBC:

I love Cris. He analyzes a great game and he's also fun on Sunday Night Football. Really like him better than Madden. Madden was great at dissecting a game, but he didn't have a great sense of humor. Cris is entertaining and  knows the game well. I really enjoy Sunday Night football, and Cris makes it enjoyable along with Faith Hill pregame vocals. Man, is that girl good looking or what?

2. Troy Aikman-Fox:

Like Troy a lot. Good at dissecting game and has a nice demeanor. Questions decisions by coaches and players, and I like that. Knows the game well. Good guy, good color guy.

3.Phil Simms-CBS:

Phil is outstanding. He  knows the game so well and is a tough guy; you can tell by listening to him. Really gets on players at times. He can almost be a little rough, but he's excellent.

4.Ron Jaworski-ESPN:

Jaws is a fun-loving guy who really understands the game having been a long time qb in the NFL. Like him on Monday Nights. Knows Xs and Os as well as anyone. Would like to see him add a little more color to the broadcast and get away from serious football all the time, but does a great job overall.

5. Jon Gruden-ESPN:

A Spike Bromberg look-alike, Jon is fun. Adds great knowledge to the Monday Night game. He interpreted a catch/incomplete call of a Larry Fitzgerald catch the other night as a catch. I agreed with him. The refs ruled incomplete, but I agreed with Jon. He's enthusiastic, understands the game as a former NFL coach and is very pleasant to listen to. Kind of goes against the grain which I like.

I'll hit ya back with college football play-by-play and color guys later in the day.