Another brutal 24

After watching Pacific Sunday Night and 24 Monday night was a little worn down mentally. That along with my other responsibilities. Wow, tough show last night. President Taylor gets King Hassan's wife to take over the leadership role of the IRK so the countries (U.S. and IRK) and many others can sign the historic peace agreement. The wife accepts. Her daughter, Kayla, is opposed  thinking her mother might be killed just like her father was, but Mrs. Hassan bravely accepts. Meanwhile, Jack is crushed about not getting to President Hassan before he was murdered and he and Renee head out of the scene, Jack saying he's done. Samir is injured but still alive, so CTU believes they can get some information out of him. A Russian terrorist plays the role of a medic, and sticks a needle in Samir's neck with something in it that will kill him. He starts walking away down the stairs and Renee walks by him. Renee kind of stops thinking she recognizes the guy, and he looks back and walks away.

Hastings is relieved of his duties as head of CTU and Chloe is named the interim director. Samir is taken into CTU medical where he goes into cardiac arrest. Attempts to revive him are unsuccessful. Cole calls for Hastings to tell him the news and Chloe tells him that she's in charge now. Cole tells Chloe what has happened and she hurries down to medical. By the way, Hastings is a gentleman about his removal and takes it very honorably.

The President talks to her chief of staff Ethan Kanin, who is in the hospital for his heart attack, but is recovering. The Russians have told the President that they will not go along with the peace agreement because Hassan is dead. The Russian foreign minister says he is speaking for his President and there will be no agreement. He is up to no good. He has already been talking to the assassin who killed Samir, so he is obviously an outlaw. Ethan tells President Taylor in the hospital that there is one option, Charles Logan, the former president of  the U.S. who tried to have another candidate for president, David Palmer, killed, and was tried for conspiracy to murder, but was pardoned later by a later president.

Taylor reluctantly goes along and meets with Logan. Logan seems as untrustworthy as ever, but says he can talk to the Russians and get them to sign the peace agreement. Taylor doesn't trust him a lick, but he says there will be nothing illegal and he will get them to the table. She consents and leaves him in the room they were talking in. He looks suspicious when she leaves.

Jack and Renee go back to his apartment and have a romantic tryst. They are talking in bed afterwards and Jack goes to get them something to drink. Jack's phone rings. Renee tells Jack it's Chloe, but Jack doesn't want to get it, he's through with CTU. Renee answers it and Chloe tells her that Samir has been killed and something is up.

Renee walks toward the kitchen to tell Jack of the development when the assassin, who is across the street in an office, starts shooting and hits Renee. She goes down. Jack sees the silenced bullet hole through the window and runs toward Renee. Chloe is on the line still. He tells her what happens and rushes down the stairs with Renee in his arms. The assassin starts running to the top of the building to get some shots at Jack, but Jack gets Renee in the cab before he can get a shot at him.

The assassin had told the foreign minister that Renee had recognized him from her undercover work with the FBI six years ago when he was working with Russian mobster Lantanin in Mexico. He decides to go ahead and try and kill Renee and Jack. But he can't get a shot off.

Jack gets to the hospital rushes in and gives Renee over to the medical staff. The medical staff quickly takes her in the ER. Jack is in panic and talks to Chloe. Chloe is telling him what Renee had talked to her about. Jack looks up and sees the doctor coming out of the ER. It doesn't look good from the dr's body movement. The doctor tells Jack Renee didn't make it. The show fades to black at 9 a .m. in silence.

Man, 24 kills a lot of its' good people off. Jack can't get a break. He was about to find happiness with Renee when tragedy struck. Jack will be ready to get some justice next week as the Russians, at least some of them, are up to something very bad.