24 last night

Wow, that was a tough one to watch, particularly at the end. Jack and CTU are in hot pursuit of the terrorists and just barely miss a radioactive bomb exploding in New York by seven seconds. Most of the show is dedicated to the search for King Hassan, who gets away from Jack and Renee and turns himself in to the terrorists. Dana Walsh is found out. She almost kills Arlo who suspects something. She had some crazy eyes. Looks like the American version of a terrorist. She kills some CTU guards before she goes down. I'm surprised Cole didn't shoot her himself when he captured her. I know he wanted to. She tells Jack, who is interrogating her, that she wants full immunity and cash. Jack tells the President and she grants that. Walsh tells Jack where the terrorists are.

The President was betrayed by her general and her chief of staff, but luckily her trusted advisor, Ethan, survives a heart attack. The general and chief of staff are arrested.

Jack chases Taren, who has Hassan in the car with him, but Dana, before she is discovered, warns Taren, and he makes a sharp, fast turn and gets away temporarily. Jack chases him in his car. Taren pulls into a parking deck with Jack in pursuit. Taren gets to the top of the deck and barrels over the guardrail and kills himself. Jack thinks Hassan is in the car, but he is not. The terrorists somehow made a switch while they were in the garage and Hassan is now in the trunk of one of the terrorists' cars and they get away.

Taren is dead and Jack tells Chloe there was a leak in CTU. Dana is found to be the leak and traitor. In the interrogation she eventually tells Jack where they are; not exactly, but in the apartment building and the address of where they are.

Jack, Renee,  Cole and a team head out. Meanwhile, Samir is torturing Hassan so he will make a statement to his people that he will not make the peace accord with the U.S. and he is a traitor to his country. Hassan will not comply. Samir decides to do it himself and it's broadcast to the White House. Jack has to hurry because he knows Hassan's minutes are numbered. He and his team knock off the lookout men and charge up the stairs. Renee and Jack enter the apartment and there is a little Middle Eastern child inside. The mother comes out. Renee holds her while Jack looks for the room the terrorists are in. Renee looks down and sees a blond wig and remembers that is who was in the car taking Hassan to the apartment building. The woman reaches for a gun and is about to shoot when Renee kills her.

Jack has gotten to a closet and hears the voice of Samir. He says he's going in to CTU. He charges in and shoots a couple of the terrorists. He looks at Hassan and he has been killed, his head chopped off. The broadcast was videotaped. It's too late.

It's a tough show  to take, but that's been the way 24 has gone; a lot of tough scenes and sadness. The President has to tell the Queen and Kayla, the daughter. Very emotional scene.

Next week should get more interesting as the chase continues. Who knows where it stands at this point? Just some sadness at the end last night.