24 last night- 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Jack has found out which Russian was behind Renee's killing from looking at the computer chip on his phone that he got from Dana Walsh before killing her and he gets together with his arms contact to identify the guy. Jack calls the reporter who was a close friend of KIng Hassan's and tells her he has proof of the Russian's involvement with Hassan's killing and wants to meet with her to expose the Russians. His arms contact, a tough, hard-nosed guy, asks Jack what is going on. Jack tells him what has transpired and of the killing of Renee. Meanwhile, Charles Logan (former president) is busily working to get his name out there as part of the peace agreement. He tells Taylor (the president) that he would like to be recognized for his involvement. She will get her press secretary to recognize him in 20 minutes.All the while, he's got his man at CTU working to track down and kill Jack.

Jack sets up a meeting with the reporter, who had an affair with Hassan, and tells him he'll meet her at a mall. The CTU guy finds out about the call and tells the Russians to get over there and kill Bauer. The main assassin goes into a spot in the ceiling with a clean shot at the store across the hall where Bauer will meet the reporter.

He sees Jack in his line of sight and is about to pull the trigger when there is a gun put to his head. It's Jack's arms dealer. Jack gets the reporter and runs her into hiding. There are four Russian intelligence agents there who are told to shoot to kill. Jack shoots and kills them all. Jack, his partner, the news reporter and the assassin under gunpoint leave the building and go to a building close by.

The CTU guy, Logan's man, calls Logan and says the operation has failed and that Logan should get out of his involvement with the agreement. Logan tells him he has full confidence that his man can still find Bauer and to keep at it.

The CTU guy gets NYPD all over the mall and brings his own men in. He tells them to kill Bauer if they find him.

Jack gets the assassin in a room and determines his weapon was the one used to kill Renee and realizes this is the guy who killed Renee. Jack tells him that he knows the he  shot her to make her suffer and bleed out before dying. Then Jack beats the guy up. The guy is tied up. Then Jack uses pliers and stabs him. He then starts cutting him with a knife. He then uses a blow torch and burns him. The guy is screaming in pain, but he will not tell Jack who was in charge of the operation; that's what Jack wants to know.

Jack says to himself, "This is not working." He sees the Russian's cell phone. There is no sim card in it that shows all the information on the phone. Jack looks at the Russian and realizes he has swallowed it. He stabs the Russian in the stomach finally killing him and pulls the sim card out of his stomach. He puts it in the phone and dials the first call. Charles Logan's voice mail answers. Jack is ready to find Logan.

Chloe has gotten back  on Jack's side and will now be helping him find out about the cover up. She knows that Logan's man at CTU is involved and will do everything she can to help Jack.

Next week should be powerful as there are only three hours (three episodes) left in this scintillating show. FOX 7 p.m. Monday