24 last night- 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Five hours left in the final season. It's been riveting. Last night wasn't as fast-paced as the previous shows have been, but was effective in setting up next week's show and the final five hours. Jack is in a helicopter as he is in pursuit of Walsh so he can get the information that will bring the Russians to justice for not only killing Renee, but also having King Hassan killed and helping the terrorists try to set off a nuclear fueled bomb in New York. Jack gets away from the air force helicopters and hits the streets. NYPD tries to track him down, but he loses them.

Jack has all the odds stacked against him as everybody is after him. Jack calls an old adversary whom he had gotten immunity for and asks him for a ton of weapons: machine guns, assault rifles, ect.. Meanwhile, Chloe is talking to Jack on the phone and trying to lure him into going to a warehouse where CTU agents will be to arrest him. She is following the president's orders.

The president shows she is lacking in integrity by trying to push this peace agreement through. She is listening to the conniving former President Charles Logan, who is probably involved in the Russian scheme (it's not known yet)  and is convincing the president to get a private security team to interrogate Dana Walsh to get the information out of her and keep her from going public with the information and ruining the president's peace agreement and  her presidency. The president knows about the Russian actions from the day and has gone along with Logan, who is hoodwinking her that this is her legacy, the peace agreement, and that she must keep Walsh from going public. They are also trying to stop Jack from getting to her. The president has told Chloe to apprehend him.

The security team head guy calls Logan's assistant and says he should kill Walsh so there will be no chance she will talk. The assistant says he'll think about it.

The security team goes to CTU to get Walsh and Chloe, whom you think may be helping Jack at the time, hands Walsh over to them. Walsh is pleading to Chloe to not let them take her saying that they will kill her. Chloe lets them take her against her better judgement.

Meanwhile, Jack gets the arms from the dealer. There is some interaction between them. This guy is a bad guy with a huge scar on his neck. Jack must have helped him out of some major trouble earlier.

Jack talks to Chloe to find out where the private security group has taken Walsh and Chloe tells him the spot where the CTU agents are. She has totally sold Jack out. Jack goes to the location.

It's a warehouse. Jack runs over  to the side of the building per Chloe's instructions. Jack knocks out one agent, but it looks like Jack thinks it's the security team that is in the warehouse not Cole and the CTU agents. Cole tells Chloe he can't prevent his men from shooting Jack if they are acting in self defense. She does not want that to happen though she does want Jack arrested.

Cole and the men are prepared for Jack's entrance. All of the sudden there is a line up above them with a hanging bag of some sort rolling across the line with the CTU agent laid out on top of it. He is alive but knocked out. Jack is in the building. Jack grabs one of the agents and has the machine gun pointed at his head. Cole and the other two agents have their weapons drawn and pointed at Jack and the agent and tell him to drop the weapon. Jack says he'll shoot the agent unless Cole and company drop their weapons. Cole relents. Jack tells Cole to tie the other three agents up.

Jack tells Cole to call Chloe and tell her that they have him in custody. She's relieved he's OK, but tells Cole to bring Jack back to CTU. Jack takes Cole back to an office under gun point and tells him that he (Cole) must help him stop the people who committed the murders and attempted–along with the terrorists– to explode the bomb. Jack tells Cole he could be in a lot of trouble because he harbored Dana while she was  committing treason against the government and committed a whole assortment of crimes. Jack tells Cole he is complicit with her and tells Cole he needs to make this right. Cole never knew about Dana being a Russian spy, but did protect her and killed a guy who had, along with Dana's ex-boyfriend, gotten Dana to help them steal a lot of money from a bank in New York. Cole had killed one of the guys in self defense. The ex-boyfriend had  been killed by that guy who turned on him.

"What if you're wrong about this," Cole says to Jack about the Russian's plot and the President's knowledge of the plot. "I'm right," Jack responds. Cole asks Jack how he knew Chloe was trying to have him arrested instead of trying to help him. Jack says, "I know Chloe." That must mean Jack knows how Chloe is a stickler for following orders and that she would not disobey an executive order from the president. It's pretty amazing Jack figures that out.

Cole goes with Jack. They make it look like Jack is taking Cole hostage, so the agents won't suspect what is going on. Chloe thinks Cole is bringing Jack in and has no idea what has happened.

The show ends with the classless president talking about the peace agreement with Mrs. Hassan in a press conference. Mrs. Hassan is on the side of her and the Russian foreign minister is behind her. Mrs. Hassan, of course, has taken over the leadership role of the IRK from her husband. She has no idea that the President is aware of the Russians' involvement with her husband's assassination. She would not go for this agreement if she knew what had happened. The president is complicit in these crimes now.

While this is happening, the security team is starting to torture Walsh. Jack and Cole will be in pursuit. Cole tells Jack that they are not far from where the security team is torturing Walsh. They don't know exactly where, but Jack intends to find out.

Ethan, the president's chief of staff, who is the only one who shows integrity besides Jack, resigns because of what the president is doing; hiding evidence that will implicate the Russians in the murders of Hassan and Renee and the attempt to detonate the bomb. He is disgusted with the president as she is holding the press conference to announce the treaty and walks away shaking his head. The president, who trusts Ethan completely, seems a little shaken when Ethan walks away. Ethan had told Logan that he will go after him if he ruins this president. Logan laughs and says the treaty will happen.

Next week looks edge of your seat exciting as Jack and Cole hunt down the dirty security team and tries to stop them from killing Dana and as the president tries to move forward with the peace agreement with the Russians along with Mrs. Hassan. What transpires with the leaders will be interesting as the president is trying to leave her mark on the country while condoning illegal actions per Logan's coaxing. Something is going to happen with Logan, too. There is something brewing there. The guy is an evil guy.

Hour 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. next week. 8 p.m. on FOX.