24- 14th hour 5 a.m.- 6 a.m.

It's getting more and more thrilling. The President is told by Samir (head terrorist) that she must give up President Hassan in the next hour or he will blow up the nuclear bomb in Manhattan that will kill up to 200,000 people. CTU was on Samir, Taren and the others when they were in a cab with the fuel rods, but the traitor Dana Walsh scattered the screen and guided them out of the pursuit. Now they have wired the bomb and Taren has driven to a spot to detonate it. Taren is told by Samir that he will be honored by his country and his family. Taren is nervous but is going to do it. You think maybe there is a little good in Taren and he's not going to do this, but he is a terrorist and committed to their psycho cause. Meanwhile, the general is telling the President of her options of retaliating against the IRK if the bomb is detonated. He then says they ought to give up Hassan to the terrorists to save American lives. President Taylor tells him and the others in the room she is not going to give up her friend and give in to terrorists.

The general gets together with her chief of staff and forges a plan to get Hassan to the terrorists. They will get a Black Ops gang to ambush the group escorting Hassan and his family to safety. Jack has been chosen by the President to lead Hassan and his family to a safe place. Renee Walker is also with Jack along with some other Secret Service Agents.

The general and chief of staff go into the former chief's office–who is still active and totally against giving up Hassan–and make the order to kill all the others and take Hassan alive to give to the terrorists. The former chief of staff, Ethan Kanin, catches them in his office and suspects they're up to something bad. He sees a computer piece in the computer and detects that that is an order to do something. He calls Jack on his cell phone that is in his pocket. Jack gets the call, but before Kanin can get any information to him the general takes the phone. Kanin tries to get out of the office, but the chief of staff and general won't let him. Kanin, who has had heart problems, says the men will be held for treason, but then has a heart attack. His medication drops out of his pocket and the chief of staff says they have to get him some help. The general says no. The chief of staff gives him a pill, but it's not working. The general says they will have to pray he survives. Meanwhile, the order is given.

Jack, detecting something is wrong, calls Kanin back. They are about to the spot where they will get Hassan and family in an SUV to safety when the Black Ops open fire. Jack and Renee get the family away while the other agents try to fight the Ops off.

The agents are all killed but show a great deal of bravery, one female agent in particular. The Ops are on Jack and Renee's trail. They come to a point where Jack and Renee and the President have to fight back. Jack somehow kills all but one of the Ops. One Op has Jack in his sights to kill him, but Hassan shoots him. The Op is not killed and Jack discovers the Ops are Americans and finds out from te shooter about the deal that Samir tries to make with the President. Then it goes back to Samir talking to Taren on the phone .Taren is parked in the van in a side alley in Manhattan with the nuclear bomb in back. Samir tells him to set the timer. It's set for 15 minutes.

Next week is a two-hour episode as it gets even scarier for the people of New York, Jack, Renee, King Hassan, his family and the President. Should be better than ever. Seven p.m. next Monday on Fox.