What a team, what a coach, what assistants, what champions! The Tide just took it to the Gators. McElroy, Ingram, Maze, Julio, Trent were all amazing. Defense was solid. Javy key int that iced the game. Ro was all over the field as usual. My hats off to Williams Vlachos, Drew Davis, Barrett Jones, Mike Johnson and James Carpenter. That offensive line was awesome. Maybe the key to the game. I can't get over how good Greg McElroy was.

Tim Tebow was classy in defeat. I hope he has a tremendous pro career.  McElroy, Ingram and Saban were awesome in victory in their interviews, humble and classy. Ingram should win the Heisman in my opinion. Colt McCoy is great, but Ingram's body of work speaks for itself. Bama played in the toughest conference in the nation without a doubt and Ingram was outstanding throughout the year. Three tds today. What a great kid. He deserves it.

Now on to Pasadena. But let's enjoy this first!!