Wade Phillips and Andy Reid

Both coaches kept their starting qbs in for the entire game with Dallas winning in a rout, 24-0. I really don't know what either of them was thinking. If Dallas loses Tony Romo, they're dead. Same with Philly and Donovan McNabb. Luckily for both coaches, neither got hurt though Romo was hit a couple of times and was kind of hobbling. Both will be ready next week. The NFC playoffs are set:

Philly at Dallas-winner plays at New Orleans

Green Bay at Arizona-winner plays at Minnesota

AFC still not totally determined: Waiting on Jets-Bengals game. If Jets win they're in. If not, Pittsburgh or Houston goes-I'm pretty sure it's Houston.

Other teams in: New England, Indianapolis (home field throughout playoffs), San Diego, Cincy and Baltimore. 

Will have more first thing in the a.m. Monday.