When is USC going to be held accountable for the Reggie Bush incident in which his family got a $350,000 house? If they're going to punish Alabama harshly, USC should be hit hard, too. Now on top of it, Joe McKnight is driving around in an SUV which is not his. There's another offense in basketball for improper benefits as well leveled against former bball coach Tim Floyd. Floyd conveniently resigned. USC should be penalized harshly, miss bowl games for a couple of years, lose multiple scholarships. When is the NCAA going to step up to the plate in the USC situation and do something about it? It's been time for them to do something. There should be an outcry for this. USC needs to pay the price just like Alabama did. Maybe Pete Carroll might want to get out, before the NCAA lays the wood to his program if they ever do. The NCAA needs to show some guts and do the right thing and punish USC for their illegal activities.